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Cause and Effect writing

No description

Danielle Sherfey

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Cause and Effect writing

What does cause and effect writing look like?
A cause and effect writing piece explains the circumstances leading up to and event or a situation. It may also predict what will happen next as a result of he current situation.
Signal Words
Signal words can sometimes help us to better see the cause of something and its effect.

A list of common Signal words are:
Because As a result
Consequently So
Therefore Thus
Since Nevertheless
Examples of Cause and Effect Statements
Look at the following sentences. The cause is in
, the effect is in
and the signal word is in

The little boy played hard all day long without a nap

went to bed early

Nancy studied all weekend long for her math test
, and
as a result

received an A
What is Cause and Effect?
Cause is the REASON for the action or event

Effect is the RESULT of what happened.

In other words, the

something happened and the
is the

that has occurred as a result.
Your Turn!
Finish all the cause statements with an effect. Make sure to use signal words to start off your effect.
1. Joe didn't prepare well for the test...

2. Susan was up all night waking t.v.

3. Brayden practiced his soccer skills all summer....
Cause and Effect writing
What are the Features of a Cause and Effect Writing Piece?
1. A clearly stated topic that explains the cause and effect relationships that will be explained.

2. An explanation of how particular causes produced or might produce particular effects

3. Clear ideas so readers can follow the relationship between causes and effects by using signal words.

4. Transitions that smoothly and clearly connect ideas.
What should my Cause and Effect Writing Piece look Like?
In your writing piece the
element is you
topic sentence
. After that you should do the following:
Talk about one cause and then address the effect providing your opinion.
Talk about another cause and what the effect will be or could be and you opinion on the topic.
You could then continue or start concluding your ideas.
Watch this video on Cause and Effect
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