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4Mat Unit

Agh!!! I just need to make a wheel!

Ashley Saunders

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of 4Mat Unit

Unit begins with a clip from the movie, Everything is Illuminated to get students thinking about how objects can connect us to our past.
Students will then present their family object and discuss why they chose this object and how it represents their family and values.
I will present the class with my object, why it is valuable to me, and my family history.
Students are presented with the essential questions.
Class will break up into groups and further discuss their object and histories with each other.
Each small group member will write about the values they have in common with their group member.
Students will arrange their objects in a still life and draw them together.
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
I will ask students to gather information on when and where their object came from. They should narrow it down to a decade.
For homework, students will conduct an interview with a family member and find out three family events that happened in that decade.
Students make first attempt at line drawing. This will serve as a pre-assessment for the next lesson.
I will show students a series of line drawings by different artists then demonstrate line drawing for the class.
I will also present symbolism as a means to express ideas/ values.
Students will research the decade their object came from and compare historical facts to family events to see if there is a correlation.
Based on the information students gathered from the demonstration in the "Inform" section, they will make their first line drawing using a photo of the family member they interviewed.
Students will write about the effect of historical movements or events on their family's history.
I will begin this lesson with a short demonstration of line drawing again.
Students will partner with each other to create half faced line drawing portraits of each other.
These half portraits will be matted together to create one whole face that is a combination of each partner.
Students will be shown how to grid an image.
Partners will grid out their homework drawings and share one larger paper for their final project which is a combined visualization of both students' object, family member, and family values that focuses on what these students have in common.
Essential questions are presented to class again for discussion.
Student pairs present their line drawing to the class and share what they've learned about themselves and each other.
Student work is complied in a book to be on display in the class for the school year.
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