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The Holocaust

No description

Jennifer Brodeur

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of The Holocaust

The Holocaust
Timeline of Events
The Ghettos 1939-1941
The Camps 1941-1942
The Resistance 1942-1944
Rescue and Liberation 1944-1945
Events Leading to WWII/The Holocaust
Germany was defeated in WWI, aquiring many debts.
They looked for someone to blame and for someone to save them.
Nazis developed plan to focus on ethnic background. (The Final Solution)
plan to create Aryan society
considered others, mainly Jews, to be lesser people
wanted power and respect
5 Stages of the Holocaust
1. Nazification: 1933-1939

2. The Ghettos: 1939-1941

3. The Camps: 1941-1942

4. Resistance: 1942-1944

5. Rescue and Liberation: 1944-1945
Adolf Hitler appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933.
head of Nazi party
1938- Jewish Poles forced to leave Germany and Kristallnacht ("The Night of Broken Glass") occurred
Sept. 1, 1939- Germany invaded Poland and WWII began.
Nazification 1933-1939
Jewish people forced from their homes into ghettos
required to wear yellow star (Star of David)
hard labor, overcrowding, malnutrition
many individuals beaten or killed
Nazis created concentration and extermination camps
many Jews were forced to move into these camps
separated from their families
required to do hard labor
faced extremely harsh conditions
experiments were conducted on some
possessions were stolen
millions were killed, especially through gas chambers
realizing what the Nazis were doing, many people began to resist their power
some Jews and other victims of the Holocaust hid, others fled the area, and some fought back
1943- Warsaw Ghetto revolt- ultimately led to the killing of most of the 60,000 Jews in the ghetto
1944- Jewish slave labor group succeeded in blowing up a crematorium at Auschwitz
Allied troops (group opposing Germany in WWII) ultimately liberated and freed people in the concentration camps
"Big Three" - Soviet Union, British Commonwealth, United States
what was found in the camps was horrendous and devastating
General Eisenhower insisted on documenting the horror so future generations would not forget.
About 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust and another 5 million people that the German government deemed “undesirable” were also killed.
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