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Workforce Planning

No description

Jessica Proctor-Nienow

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning
"Failing to plan, is planning to fail"

Major components of workforce planning
• Forecasting and assessment
• Succession planning
• Leadership development
• Recruiting
• Retention
• Redeployment
• Contingent workforce
5 Step Model
Figure Out Strategic Goals
Mission Statement
Core Values
Critical Competencies
Financial Performance
Analyzing the Workforce
Anticipate Needs

Workforce Projection
Department of Labor Statistics

Personal demographic:
Men, women, race, tenure, education, Salary/Non-Exempt (Top Heavy)

Gap Analysis
Develop an Action Plan


Restructuring Organization

Succession Planning

Outsourcing Options

Technology Improvement



Continuous Improvement


9 Box Talent Grid
Impact of Good Workforce Planning
Eliminating surprises

Smoothing out business cycles

Ramping up/down on Talent inventory

Preventing Problems
Taking advantage of opportunities
Improving Your Image
Identifying problems early
• Potential retirements
• Performance management
• Career path
• Backfills
• Internal placement
• Environmental forecast
• Identifying job & competency needs
• Metrics
9 Point Grid Box


1. Identify Positions
2. Identify Employees - (Criteria)
3. Develop Standards to Evaluate Positions
4. Determine how to Measure Employee Potential
5. Develop Succession Planning Review
6. Link Succession Planning System with other HR Systems
7. Determine Feedback to Employee
8. Measure Effectiveness of Succession Plan
Recognizing alerts
Lower turnover rates

Lower labor costs

Restructuring and Enlarging Work

Avoid layoffs/hiring frenzies
Balanced Scorecard
Taking HR time from administrative to focus on strategic partnership role
Proactive VS Reactive
Employee Development & Retention

5 Step Model

SWOT / 9 Box Talent Grid

Components & Impact of Workforce Planning
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