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Copy of MT

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on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of MT

Transmed Project WP1:Project and management plan WP2: Curriculum design WP3: Master Quality Guidelines WP4: Dissemination WP5: Institutional Agreements Tasks D1: Meeting and conference calls organize meetings
fix frequency of conference calls D2: Reports Elaboration INTerim Report Final Report - collect information
- Write Report
- Approve Report
- Offer Report to EU comitee
- Disseminate Report tasks D1: Curriculum Design Needs and context analysis
Define student profile
Establish master learning outcomes and competences
Define master structure
Establish learning objectives per module and DU
Define learning activities
Desing learning assessment
Coordinators- teachers- staff apointment
Allocate for each DU: author, content and length
Calendar proposal
Master Learning guide elaboration
Establish Learning Management System (LMS)
Development of LMS guides for teaches and treainees

D2: Curriculum development Educational materials and electronic resources development Write contents and activities
Check and approve contents and activities
Lenguage correction
Edit the materials D3: LMS Changes D4: Staff Training E-teachers, trainees and authors manuals developement Authors training Planning the courses
Performing the courses E-teachers training Planning the courses
Performing the courses tasks D1: Definition of Quality Assurance procedures Definition of policy and procedures for quality assurance
Definition of internal monitoring committeee
Definition of learning evaluation indicators
Develope procedures to evaluate and improve teaching and staff quality
Define information systems for collecting, analyzing and publishing information
Desing the impact assesment
Design the procedures to analize the satisfaction
Define the mechanisms to guarantee student suport, sugestions and complains attention
Define accountability procedures
Establish mechanisms to guarantee approval, monitoring and periodic review of the program tasks D1: Dissemination plan Desing global dissemination strategy and specific objectives
Identify target groups
Define contents and links
Design a logo
Define possible activities to dissemiante the infomation
Dissemination calendar proposal
Establish dissemination channels
Elaborate financial plan
External financing (Grants)
Establish impact indicators D2: Trainee's mobility plan design Establish procedures to guarantee the quality of the mobility D3: Design and development of the project website Define the objective of the website
Define taxonomy and contents
Define website maintenance and update
Define domain and name
Define design
Programming D1: Sustainability of the project D2: Establish a harmonized certification procedure collect the information of legal frameworks
describe the policy and the legal procedures for the program recognition
List partner institutions awarding a degree and certifications
Define which ECTS belong to each HEI
follow up the accreditation procedure at each HEI
Decide type of diploma
Decide which HEI will deliver diploma
Decide whetehre issue certificates for modules and type
Bilateral agreements
Consortium agreement
Administrative and financial guidelines

- Describe roles of each partner in the managing of the master
- Accreditation process
- Describe selection criteria and admission requirements
- Define admission procedure
- Define registration procedure
- Describe conditions for scolarship
- Calculate fees
- Describe financial management, payment mechanisms and distribution of fees
- Define the academic management
D3: Define language policy tasks Creation of a managerial structure Desing learning assessment
Coordinators- teachers- staff appointment
Allocate for each DU: author, content and length
Calendar proposal
Master Learning guide elaboration
Establish Learning Management System (LMS)
Development of LMS guides for teaches and treainees TO BE DONE TO BE DONE Define which ECTS belongs to each HEI
Follow up the accreditation procedure
Decide type of diploma
Consortium agreement
Accreditation proces
Calculate fees
Describe financial management (payment mechanisms)
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