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I have hand-selected the best music around and put it together into a prezi. Nearly all of it is instrumental music. The ones that aren't Instrumental are appropriate. Even your children can listen to every piece. Hope you enjoy it ! ! ! :)

Brianna Melius

on 25 May 2017

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Transcript of Music!!!

Music!!! (All Appropriate)
Spring From The 4 Seasons
The Battle!
The Battle: Training Session
Map Of The Human Heart (Edit)
Okami: Rising Sun
Warrior Cats Movie (Youtube)
Oliver And Company
Streets Of Gold
Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit
Oliver And Company:
Once Upon A Time In New York City
How To Train Your Dragon: Test Drive
How To Train Your Dragon: Theme Song
Kung Fu Panda: Fireworks Factory
Kung Fu Panda: The Last Battle
Bolt Transforms

Let The Rainbow Remind You Karaoke!
Bolt Transforms!
Autumn From The Four Seasons!
True Light (Fan Made Version)
Badasi Warriors
A Call To Arms
Harry Potter: Fireworks
Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup
Harry Potter: Possession
Harry Potter: Buckbeak's Flight
Guardians Of Ga'Hoole Theme Song (Extended)
Harry Potter: The Sacking Of Trelawney
Harry Potter: The Flight of The Order of The Phoenix
Harry Potter: The Quidditch Match
Bolt: Rescuing Penny
Fast Violin And Trance Music!!!
Harry Potter: Harry's Wonderous World
In It To Win It (Minute To Win It Coundown)
Harry Potter: Dumbledore's Army
Harry Potter: Into The Rushes
Harry Potter: Fireworks (Higher Version)

Harry Potter-
Dragons And Demons
Dragon Racing-Edit
Carved From Fire-
The Chase
Everyday Life
Okami Festival (Short Version)
Lion King Fanart Archive 2 Music-
The Croods~ Going Guy's Way
The Croods~ Star Canopy
The Croods~ Shine Your Way
Balto 2 Wolf Quest~
Who You Really
Erasure- O' Lamour
~Extended Version
The Fox & The Hound- The Best Of Friends
How To Train Your Dragon 2~ Where No One Goes
IceAge 4: We Are Family
Harry Potter~
The Weasley Stomp & Fireworks
Erasure- Blue Savannah
Puss In Boots- Puss Suite
Bolt- I Thought I Lost You
Bolt- Scooter Chase
Ice Age 4- Herd Reunion
Big Hero 6~ First Flight
Where No Ones Goes- From Movie
How to Train Your Dragon (Score Suite)
Inuyasha Instrumental Music 4
Disney's Bolt- Barking At The Moon
How To Train Your Dragon~
Forbidden Friendship
Disney's Bambi~ It Could Even Happen To You
Care-A-Lot Theme
The Games
Breaking Through- Edit
The ChipMunk Adventure- Off To See The World
How To Train Your Dragon 2-
Trailer Music
Black Fairy (Non-Choir) Edit
The Chase
Dragons & Demons
Black Fairy (Non-edit)
Big Hero 6- Upgrades
Carved From Fire- NonEdit
National Treasure- The Chase
National Treasure Score- Foot Chase

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