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13 Colonies

No description

Sarah Clancy

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of 13 Colonies

The 13 Colonies

By: John and Jacob

Hi. We will talk about the 13 Colonies. So enjoy.

"The warm climate and rich soil of the Southern Colonies were well suited for agriculture"
Southern Colonies
"Unlike the Southern Colonies, the cold climate and rocky soil of the New England Colonies couldn't easily support plantations.
The New England Colonies
"The Middle Colonies also offered settlers many important resources."
The Middle Colonies
1: They have lots good
2: Since they have good
resources, that is how they
survived & thrived.
1: The New England colonies
are probably the most famous
colony, but it was not a good
place to live back then.
1: The Southern colonies had very good soil to grow crops.

Thank You for watching.
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