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Curriculum Issues, Concerns and Responses

No description

joel alba

on 26 July 2013

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Transcript of Curriculum Issues, Concerns and Responses

Curriculum Issues,
and Responses

1. Poor academic performance
of learners.
Why are Filipino learners lagging behind from their counterparts in neighboring countries of South East Asia in the international test called TIMMS for Science and Math?
Possible Reasons---

~ Varied implementation of the curriculum among schools and teachers

~ Perennial complaint about books and other instructional materials
~ Overcrowded classrooms

~ Ill prepared teachers

~Poor attitude towards change

~ Lack of leadership support
from principals
2. Curricular innovations
the sense of ownership

from stakeholders
3. Some curricular innovations
results of bandwagon
but are not well supported
by managers
4. Lack of monitoring and
5. Innovations results to
burn out
6. Innovations are
to all

Rank and Average Scale Scores of Eighth Graders from SEA

Country Rank Average Scale Score
Singapore 1 604 (6.3)
Malaysia 16 519 (4.4)
Thailand 27 467 (5.1)
Indonesia 34 403 (4.9)

345 (6.0)

Numbers within ( ) give the standard errors
The BEC is an example of an innovation
that tried to address the continuous decline
in learners' performance in basic education.
In the installation of a new curriculum
or innovation,
all stakeholders
should be involved
. Even in the planning
stage, consultations should be made.
Curriculum innovations should be
well planned and well studied.
Committees should be formed
to address each phase of the
curriculum--- installation,
implementation and evaluation.
General practice seems to show
that when a new curriculum is
introduced or implemented, it ends
without report of result.
is needed.
in the implementation
of a new curriculum is very necessary
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