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Welcome to Room 2

No description

Natalie Palcko

on 6 September 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Room 2

You can also call the school office to leave me a message at: 440.871.6760
Please communicate questions or concerns to me as they come up
Mrs. Natalie Palcko
Homework Schedule
Friday: Read for AR quizzes; Sign and Return Friday Folder
Homework Info
Use lined paper handout, monitor neatness and use of lines.
A Typical Day in 2
Arrival/morning work/write in agenda
Religion class
Group bathroom/drink break
Language Arts Block (Phonics, Reading, English)
Book share/Silent Reading
Social Studies/Science/Health
Group Bathroom/Drink Break
Writer's Workshop (once per week)
Homeroom (once per week)
Afternoon Recess 1:55-2:10
Wrap up/Pack Bags/Quiet Time
Specials 2:30-3:15 (except Friday)
Dismissal 3:20
Mrs. Natalie Turek Palcko
Welcome to Room 2
My email address is npalcko@saintraphaelparish.com
Please check my website each week:
Spelling 2x each:
Simple Solutions:
Fact Sheet:
Spelling Sentences:
Writing Practice:
Complete assigned lesson ONLY -- Do not work ahead
Return workbook to school each day
Encourage your child to revisit previous lessons
Complete all 100 Facts (timing is optional)
Fact sheet will begin with addition 0-18
Use weekly spelling list for words
Write 5 sentences that contain 5 spelling words
Read directions and follow the writing prompt
Do not focus on spelling, grammar, etc. Focus on content and organization.
Proofread with your child.
Agenda and Homework Policy
A "
homework slip
" is issued for missing assignments. Please sign and return the slip with the completed assignment.
Please review your child's Agenda with him/her
Sign/Initial once homework assignments have been completed.
Paper assignments and special notes home will be sent home in the plastic pocket in the front of the Agenda. Please check each night!
The colored stamp indicates that I have checked the Agenda and assignments have been copied correctly.
Room 2 Conduct Policy
Second grade uses a "ticket" system to reward good behavior.
Tickets are awarded for good behaviors, following directions, good work, nice manners, helping others or as a reward.
A raffle is held each Friday and five students can win a small prize or special pass for use in the classroom. Prize donations are always appreciated!
Room 2 follows a three-colored conduct code:
Green: On Task
Yellow: Warning
Red: Call/Note Home
Please refer to the SRS Code of Conduct for school rules and policies
Monday: SS Math; Write Spelling words 2x each (use lined handout); Math Facts/Flashcards, Read Library book, Fluency
Tuesday: SS Math, Math Fact sheet (100 problems), Read library book, Fluency
Wednesday: Writing assignment or 5 Sentences; Read Library Book and pack to return Thursday, Math facts, Fluency
Thursday: SS Math, Review for spelling test -- 20 total words & 1 sentence, Fluency
Assessment Schedule
: Simple Solutions quiz (Math)
AR quiz
: Math Timed Test - 4 min.
Spelling Test (20+ words & sentence); Reading Test (Covers weekly story)
Grammar SS quiz
Tues/Thurs: Health, Science, Social Studies
Second Grade Switch
Science: Mrs. Natalie Palcko (2)
Health: Mrs. Nancy Coury (2B)
Social Studies: Mrs. Kim Lapinski
classes switch on Tues/Thurs afternoons from 12:30-1:30
Each class is 30 minutes
Refer to teachers' websites for more information about their class.
Friday Folders
Friday Folders are sent home weekly with corrected papers, assessments and special flyers.
Please review corrected work with your child. Set goals!
What needs more work in the coming week? What seems to be going well? Am I missing the main ideas? Do I need to slow down a bit?
All papers with
4 or more mistakes
must be corrected and returned to school in the folder.
Please keep all remaining papers at home for reference.
Check the school and classroom website each week.
The folder should be signed and returned to school on
Star of the Week
of the week is chosen randomly on Friday. Notification is sent home on Friday afternoons. A special "BOX" is sent home. The box should be returned to school on Monday.
should bring in special pictures, a completed survey sheet and 4 special things to share/show the class.
Pictures, survey and special things are displayed in our classroom during the week. Everything is returned home at the end of the week!
Special things might be:
Trophies, souvenirs, medals, special books/toys, autographed items, etc.
Birthday and Special Treats
Edible treats are no longer permitted.
You might consider a non food treat (pencils, small favors, erasers, stickers, etc.) This is safe for everyone!
Our room mother this year is: Jaci Manfred
One More Thing...
For health and cleanliness purposes, please have your child bring in a pair of ear buds for listening centers, laptops, and iPads. They will be kept in their desks in a labeled container/bag.
Baby Palcko
...Coming January 20, 2017
Information regarding maternity leave, substitute(s), etc. will be shared once confirmed with administration closer to the due date.
...If all goes according to plan, I will be back in time for First Communion.
Accelerated Reading (AR)
-one library book each week will be assessed through the AR online program
-taken on iPads
Thursday mornings
(library day)
-"pink label" books are 2nd grade level "green label" are 3rd grade
Fact Test Gold Medals
Students who earn 75+/100 facts correct in 4 minutes will earn a GOLD MEDAL! (Yellow paper circle stapled to test).
SAVE THESE GOLD MEDALS! Every 10 result in a new stage of the coveted Fact-O-Fame.

100/100 = 2 Gold medals
Weekly Fluency Passage
Monday: "Cold Read" with Mrs. Palcko
Friday: Final Read with Mrs. Palcko
Every week, students will have a passage to read/practice at home each night.

Time the read, record results, and initial in designated box. See example..
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