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Multiple Intelligences

No description

Maria Dinatolo

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligence
Howard Gardner's Theory
of Multiple Intelligence
A Primary Focus
Introducing MI
The Multiple
How do we meet the need of all Learners?
Student Centered Teaching and Student
Centered Learning
Teaching using Differentiated Instruction
The "Big Thinker"
Words of Wisdom from
Howard Gardner
Take the Test and Develop a Multiple Intelligence Profile of your class
What is the Essential Learning?
When I think of a classroom that does not embrace the Theory of Multiple Intellgence, I think of ANIMAL SCHOOL.....Watch the video and enjoy.
Presented By: Maria Bruno Dinatolo
What's New with Howard Gardner?
Watch the Glogster Presentation

A. Introduction: GOAL (8 minutes)
1. Activity 1: (FISHBONE) Essential Question at the "Tail End of it all"
-Use Fishbones as new learning
2. What is Multiple Intelligence

B. The MI Test Review (2 Minutes)

C. Howard Gardner...is there more? (10 minutes)
1. Activity 2: Fishbone con't
2. Pyramid

D. What is the Essential Learning (5 minutes)
1. Activity 3: Group will share Essential learning at the "Head of the Fish"

E. Animal School Video (5 minutes)
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