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Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper

No description

Brooke Ducote

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper

Copper Sun by Sharon M. Draper
Part 2: Polly
Part 3: Amari
Part 4: Polly
•Polly wants a job inside the main house doing Mr.Derbys finances since she is able to read and write
•While in the rice fields Polly sees Hildy be bitten by a snake and Cato explains to Polly is he doesn't do her job well (amusing Clay) she may be sent to the dangerous rice fields
•Polly and Amari replace the maid in the big house for a night during dinner the girls realize Mrs.Derby doesn't seem happy due to her controlling husband Mr.Derby
•During dessert Amari trips on Mr.Derby and spilt blueberry pie on the white carpet for this mistake she is beaten until she passes out

Part One: Amari
the main character Amari lives in a small villlage in Africa with her parents and her brother named Kwansi and is to be married to Besa in the future
planning a celebration for the night for the new arrival of guests (the white people)
the strangers are accompanied by Ahanti people of her own
that night the white people attack, killing Amaris parent and brother, 24 survive including besa nd Amari
They are shackled and walk to Cape Coast
They are put in a dark room and Amari meets a lady named Afi (a former slave)that explains to her the situation and the slave lifestyle to come
put on a ship to experience horrific conditions, Amari is taken by many men at night
only one sailor was kind to her, a red head named Bill teaching her Engish words at night
land at Sullivans Island, where Amari says farewell to Besa
Pollys is a white girl that dislikes blacks.Her parents died, leaving for to pay for her father debt, 14 years as an indentured servant for Mr. Derby, owner of Derbyshire Farms
Mr Derby buys a slave that seems extremely upset
finds out that the slave is for Mr. Derbys son Clay.
They are put in a shack and meet Teenie, another slave and her son Tidbit
Teenie teaches Amari and Polly many things
one night Amari is called by Clay
explains to Teenie of her predicament and why she is there, making her closer to him
Amari doesnt know how she feels about Polly yet
one night after she is forced by clay to do awful deeds, he asks if she likes him and she is shocked and realized that he NEEDS her
Teenie explains why she is there and her life story,
first "Miz" Derby put Teenie in charge of kitchen before she died, and second "Mis" Derby died giving birth to clay
Amari learns more english and can communicate with Teenie and Polly
Amari explain to Polly how right everything felt in Africa
tells everyone about her parents and brothers deaths,
Learns that new mitress Isabella is controlled by Mr. Derby
she knows all and sympathizes with Amari
hears the other slaves singing in he night
Part 5: Amari
Amari struggles through her recovery for weeks after she is beaten by Mr. Clay. Prior to being brutally beaten, she if left with many scars and a lot of fear. She hoped her recovery would be slow so that she could avoid Mr. Clay and his threat of transferring her to work in the rice field. Just the thought of working in rice makes her cry. When she is finally capable to work again, Amari begins back in the kitchen and avoids having to deal with any sort of authority. Unfortunately, one afternoon Amari is forced to face Mr. Clay again as he asks for her help during the gator hunt with his friends. The only problem is, he wants Tidbit as their gator bait and she is forced to sit back and watch him. Watching him try to swim away from the alligators around Tidbit while the men try to shoot the gators, Amari is distraught and despite her hear of him, she lashes out at Mr. Clay. At first, he didn’t have much to say, but later on he made it very clear to her that she was not to talk back to him like that again. Luckily, she was able to escape another beating and Tidbi was safe again, for now.
Part 7:
• Dr. Hoskins tells Amari, Tidbit, and Polly that he does not support slaver and that he is ashamed of Mr. Darby and he helps them run away while giving them food, little money, clothes and a gun.
• While Amari, Tidbit, and Polly are on the run toward the south, they can only travel at night, so it takes longer for them traveling; in order to survive, Amari finds berries for the group to eat, however, they later find out that the berries are bad when they get sick and throw up.
• This leads them to a famine for several days until they resort to eating bugs from under logs.
• One day Hushpuppy disappears but is found with food for all of them to eat a meal, they haven’t eaten a meal since they ran away from Derbyshire farm.
• While continuing to run, they come across Clay Derby who ties Amari up and tells her that Mr. Derby died and that he is now in charge of the plantation.
• Polly saves the day by coming out of the woods and shooting clay, Polly, Amari, and Tidbit leave him there for death while a venomous snake crawled onto him.

Part 8:
• After escaping Clay and running for several days, Amari, Tidbit, Polly, and Hushpuppy met Nathan, a young boy who lived nearby.
• Nathan had been following them for a day and knew they were runaways
• Nathan gave then=m food and shelter in his barn, hiding them from his father
• Nathan’s father found them in the morning and was convinced Polly was taking Amari and Tidbit back to their owner in Savannah and he agreed to help her to savannah for a money reward
• They all escaped from Nathan’s father with the help of Nathan and they ended in a swamp just waiting.

Part 9:
The children manage to stay hidden from the hunters and dogs. They're very weary but continue to travel. once they were outside of Savannah they found a small wooden shack in the woods. A women comes upon them and says she will not turn them in. The women decides to help the children and takes them to her home to hide them. Amari's long lost love, her Besa, is one of the women's slaves, and they reunite. Amari invites him to runaway with them but he has no hope and denies her. The women gives them a wagon with a horse, fresh clothes, and food to help them on their journey.
Part 10:
1)Amari becomes afraid of whether or not ft. Mose is real
2) meet a spanish solider who directs them towards ft. Mose (two days travel to st Marys river)

Part 11:
1) Amari begins to show the effects from being hungry and the exhaustion
2) they have to ride the horse across the river and encountered an obstacle
3) they're officially free!
4) arrive at ft Mose to be fed by a woman
5) they have to go to st Augustine to fill out Spanish paperwork
6) Amari is given a house and received some news
Part 6:
Chapter 25- Mr. Derby comes to Teenie’s kitchen and he is obviously upset and distressed. He says that Mrs. Derby is in labor and that all of the slaves seem to be missing. And that he is going to send for the doctor. So Mr. Derby asks Polly and Amari to come and assist her in the big house while she gives birth. Amari has delivered many babies until Polly. Mrs. Derby is in so much pain that she thinks she is going to die. The girls try to make her more comfortable but she is in serious pain. Right as her baby is born, Isabelle passes out. She has a baby girl, but the baby is black, so no one knows who the father is. It is obviously not Mr. Derby and is probably a slave on the plantation.
Chapter 26-Mrs. Derby has her new baby and it is black so she tries to hide the baby by sending it to Sara Jane’s where she can raise and take care of the baby because she thinks her husband will kill her. Teenie tries to explain that Mr. Derby loves and adores her and would never kill her. Mrs. Derby explains that she has loved Noah for a long time and now they are both going to die. She plans on saying to Mr. Derby that the baby was stillborn and that they buried it. Noah and Dr. Hoskins are coming to help Mrs. Derby and before they get there Mrs. Derby sends Polly to tell Noah the News.
Chapter 27- Dr. Hoskins and Noah arrive and while getting out of the wagon Polly says the baby is healthy and crying so his services are not needed but he insists on coming in and checking on the baby and spending the night. Then before he can get in the house, Mr. Derby comes out and says the baby was still born. Dr. Hoskins has no idea what is going on so they go into the house. When they go up by Mrs. Derby, Amari says baby was born and is a black, beautiful little girl. Soon after they say that she is gone Clay comes home with the baby from Sara Jane’s and Mr. Derby kills Noah in front of his wife and makes sure she’s sees him kill him but but he doesn’t kill his wife. She then reaches for her baby who is then shot by her husband.
Chapter 28- Mr. Derby demands Sara Jane to be punished for what she has done and Mr. Derby calls Polly a liar and she isn’t allowed in the house ever again because of what she said happened with the baby. At the end of the Chapter Mr. Derby says he is going to send Polly to a whore house. Amari will have a repla
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