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sidra aman

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By Sidra Aman A WALK THROUGH MY LIFE MEMORABLE PHASE Became a victim to cancer at the age of 7
Took leave from school and went to UK for treatment for a year
Couldn't live without annoying siblings for too long soo came back
Worst days of My life
The only plus point was that i got LOADS of gifts and chocolates :D
And my best friend practically lived with me in the hospital...BESTEST best friend ever! Joined school right after my recovery without repeating any grade
The tragedy became a reason for my greatest inspiration
Dropped out of school in the 5th grade and joined a madrassa to memorize the HOLY QURAN
Became extremely religious
Allah rewarded by putting my education voyage back on track,did not go back any academic year once again!
Siblings shifted to Pakistan for further studies RELIGIOUS PHASE After memorizing school went to highschool
Best time of life, participated in various events
Made extremely good friends
Stopped being an extremist
Partied a lot yet managed to get 8 A's in Olevels
Wanted to apply to universities in America soo gave all sorts of exams
2350 in SATII and 2100 in SAT1
Partied a little harder in Alevel,
soo got one A and two B's CHILDHOOD(AWESOME PHASE) Born on 5th oct 1991 in Yammama Hospital,Riyadh
Youngest of three elder menacing siblings
Working parents soo had to depend on evil siblings A LOT!
Loved coke and chocolate even as a baby :D
SURPRISINGLY loved pretending to study
Therefore,sent to school before turning 3
Awarded for neatness and good behavior
Participated in almost everything in elementary school GLOOMY PHASE UNIVERSITY Applied everywhere got into all universities
Joined NUST (worst experience)
Figured out that i wanted to do CS and transferred to FAST
Will graduate in two years (INSHALLAH)
Have a good (extremely FAST) life and GPA(3.51) and hope to make it better =) ACHIEVEMENTS AND FUTURE ASPIRATIONS Learnt the Quran by heart
Good academic record
Good extra curricular
Good with people (behavior)
I dream big, too big to put in words
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