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Mizzou Direct Marketing

No description

Andrea Sims

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Mizzou Direct Marketing

What direct marketing methods does the office of admissions use to attract prospective students?
Direct mail
Inquiries vs. non-inquiries
Admitted vs. interested
Mass vs. personalized
Internal Social Networking
Office of Advancement
Director of Annual
Giving & Membership
Which is most effective and why?
*The more personalized, the better.
What direct marketing methods does the office of advancement use to solicit donations?
Direct mail
Social media
In general, how important is direct marketing to the admissions effort?
Easiest way to deliver info about Mizzou
Main goal--to encourage students to visit MU campus
Campus visit program is the single most important recruitment activity that any university offers
Jill McIntosh
Does the method you use vary by type of prospective student you are targeting?
Yes! There are separate mailings for students depending on:
Regions in Missouri and U.S.
Ability indicators
Test scores
Which is least effective and why?
- Direct mail
- Batch or "Mass" mail
large number of students, yet smaller responses

- cheapest way to build awareness
Admissions office does not pay for typical media marketing such as TV, radio, and newspaper

Which is most effective and why?
Direct mail (~60% of responses)
Less intrusive, more personalized
Email & social media
Give Direct
Does the method used vary by type of prospective donor being targeting?
Donors vs. Non-donors
Engaged vs. Non-engaged
In general, how important is direct marketing to the admissions office?
"People want to OWN their philanthropy."
Personalizing the message
Select what to donate to
Which is least effective and why?
Too broad, easy to ignore
Internal Social Network
Personalized Email
*Acknowledging what a donor has given in the past is extremely important.
Mizzou Direct Marketing
Office of Admissions
TJ Findeiss, Ali Makowski, Andrea Sims
Question for the Audience:
Do you agree with Patrick and Jill on the most effective forms of direct marketing? Why or why not?

Do you think there is anything else the University should be doing to recruit students and solicit donations? What?
Patrick Elmore
Interim Assistant Director
Office of Admissions
Question for the Audience:
Does anyone remember getting any form of direct marketing messages from Mizzou?
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