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Impulse 2013 - Köln

No description

Isa H.

on 14 June 2013

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Transcript of Impulse 2013 - Köln

Impulse 2013 - Köln
St. Severin
1) We have found this church in the city. It's very beautiful, ancient and very big.
We feel surprised, interested and impressed.
3)We feel at home because we have some church in our city like this.
4)The place next to the ST. Severin Church is an important place for the young people because tehy meet here and grow up together. It's also important to other persons, for example, you can see children who play games. YOU CAN ALSO FIND TRUE LOVE HERE!
4 Interviews in stores/ restaurants around Chlodwigplatz

Store's name: "Bett + Deck", German Owner
a) Where are you from? - Mönchen Gladbach (lives in Cologne since 1998)
b)Your favourite place? Römerpark
c)What do you like most about Cologne? the "natives" = people from Cologne / mentality: open-mined, direct

2)Restaurant: "Cafe Formula Uno", Italian Owner
a)Your favourite place? Chocolate Museum, Cologne Ring, Cathedral of Cologne
b)What do you like most about Cologne? Cologne's culture, theatre, the Italian area

3)Store's name : "Viva Waffel", Turkish Owner
a) What's your favouite joke? I don't know any good joke.
b)What do you like most about Cologne? Diversity, many foreign people

4) Restaurant: "Kim Phong", Chinese Owner
a) What's your favourite place? Cathedral of Cologne
b) What do you like most about Cologne? The "natives" / "Kölner", artists in the streets, lots of foreign people
c) What's your favourite joke? I can't tell any joke

--> Nobody was able to tell a joke!
Text Impressions
friendly people
interesting panorama of the cathedral
very interesting old building
interesting is how people build cathedral long time ago without any machines
Most common question?
Do you speak english?

Most common answers?

Gyros restaurant at Kalk (busy)
No one speaks in English
No one has time for an Interview

Café in Köln-Ehrenfeld
>>Do you know Poland and Czech Republic?
Yes, it's beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

>>Did you ever go there?
My friend married a woman from Czech Republic, I went to their wedding.
I don't remember the place, it's 18 years ago...

other people were busy, to catch the train or couldn't speak English
Ohydny milkshake on Neptunplatz

Crowded and sleepy at the same time
A street full of people
And it drives me mad

What if it stopped
What if somebody said:
‘Shut up, everybody!
Look round and stare!’

Where people stand, there is no life
But up in the air, in the blue sky
There is the beauty, the charm
The delicate wind, the bird singing high

But there’s still the water, cold touch of the fountain
The only good sign among dead city’s nature
If you asked me, I would just mention
This place is pretty, but should be forgotten.

By Michal Górnik & Edyta Łęcka
I don’t know how I get here, but I’m here.
I’m sitting on a grass. There are flowers ant a big tree. I’m in the middle of some block of flats. There are some childrens from a kindergarden, they are anything. There is some woman, who is staring at me from a balcony.

There is some very strange man.
“Who are you?”
I wanted to say, but I did nothing, just stare at him. I hope he isn’t a robber…
he standet me and go away.
There are some strange people everywhere.

Simon Antos & Jakub Mycio
St. Clemens & Liebfrauenkirche

The church was built in 1857-1864 and was gothic style. When we see the church we thing “There is a beautiful bell tower!”. After, when we arrive at the church, we was attract and the stained glass window amazed us.
Interview with Livia for European Haus on subject of Europe (EU)

I: So, what`s your name?
L: My name`s Livia. I am German American.
I: So, that means you are from the US?
L: Yes, but both my parents are German.
I: What are you doing in Europe?
L: I actually study in Amsterdam and I`m in Colonge just for 3 hrs.
I: And you think that you are German or American?
L: I don´t feel like I`m German but I like Germany.
I: What´s your opinion on EU?
L: I´m quite neutral. It´s not important form e that much.
I: And do you think the EU has some future?
L: I think so.
I: And what do you think oft he United States of Europe?
L: It´s impossible. There are too many different cultures in here.
I: What do you think of Germany in the EU?
L: I think Germany should focus on itself. We have already helped a lot, already.
I: Thank you for your time and good luck with your studies.
L: Dankeschön!
Old man in a parc

How often do you go for a walk in a parc?
Not so oft
What ist he best on a walk in the parc?
Fresh air, peace and the touch of nature
Do you have any animals to take for a walk with you?
Would you like to have any animals?
Not actually.

Young man sitting in a parc - and he is reading a newspaper

Are you interested in sports?
Yes, I am. Especially in football.
Did you watch the final match between Bayern and Düsseldorf?
Yes, of course. I did.
Did you celebrate when Bayern was the winner?
Well, we are more conected with Düsseldorf and I didn´t celebrated.
Guy on the street who helped us

Where do you live?
Whats your job?
Shop manager
How long do you do this?
1 year
Do you like your job?
Yes. I like it. You can be your own lord.
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