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Ashes for the Wind

By: Hernando Tellez

Anna Choi

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Ashes for the Wind

Ashes for the Wind Presenters: Allegra Wright
Anna Choi
Arielle Wolf
Kristan Rodrigues
Sabrina Riccardi
Sierra Halewood Setting Point of View Characters Conflict External conflict - When a character is in a situation with another character or the outside world ex: environment

Juan, the main character, is threatened by the antagonist, the police, to move out of his house before they burn it down.

“No, the damn fool locked the doors and stayed in the house. You understand, we didn’t have time to waste…” By: Hernando Tellez Social Injustice - Unequal treatment of people

Authoritarianism - Person in charge has total power

Power - Fear of losing it & the lengths people go to
keep their status

Sometimes people feel that they have to do what's best for them, even if it brings hardship to their friends

Often, those with the most power are the most insecure

Some people are willing to give up their life for
their principles Theme & Moral Imagery -
The narrator describes the appearance of "the man" and the colors of the fields "Juan looked beyond the visitor’s hat, out over the fields, green, yellow, yellow-ripe, green again, a brighter green, and then paler”

Simile -
“The knotty wood looked like a long finger whose joints were swollen with rheumatism.”

Foreshadowing -
“They’ll have to kill us” Literary Devices Get away from me! Hope you've been listening .. there will be candy :) QUIZ TIME !! Place - A small town in the Andes, in Colombia

Time - 1940-1960, civil war between conservatives and liberals => "la violenca"

Mood - confused => rebellious =>
violent/eerie => sadistic Limited Omniscient (Third person) 1. What is the geographical setting of the story?
2. What is one of the main themes in the story?
3. Why did the Son of Arevalo help the policemen when he was a friend of Juan?
4. Why did Juan and his wife stay in the house when the policeman threatened to burn it down?
5. In your opinion, is Juan a hero or a fool? Juan - The father of the house in the story who defends his rights against social injustice
Son of Arevalo - An old friend of Juan who agrees to help the policemen because he is scared of losing his life
Carmen - Juan's wife who stays on Juan's side despite having a baby in the family
The policemen - Under control of the mayor that kick the people that didn't vote for the mayor out of their houses
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