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Not Your Average Book Report

Educational Technology Tools used to teach on various levels of Blooms Taxonomy

sallee clark

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Not Your Average Book Report

Not Your Average Book Report
Physicological and Physical Needs Web 2.0 Tool #1- Trading Cards Hello! Welcome!!
-Sign in
-Locate your seat with your name on it
-Write your name and your teaching assignment on a nametag at your table
-Come up with a team name and write it on your scorecard on the wall
-Circle all of the Web 2.0 technologies you have used
Name Game
-Introduce yourself
to the group using actions -Restroooms
-Cell Phones
-Presentation length
-Point of Presentation
*Listen to Because of Winn Dixie excerpt

Minute to Win it Game #2
-One minute to match descriptions of characters to scambled names Minute to Win it Game #1
-Puzzle Time Create Character Trading Cards
*Draw two character cards from the envelope in the center of your table (two different names, no peaking!)

*Write out three discriptions of that character that stood out to you from the reading.

*Discuss examples and what they represent
*Where did I get the pictures/Creative Commons
*Pass out direction sheets Examples - With your table, discuss the different levels of Blooms covered with this project. What other type of book reports could you do with this website? What levels of Blooms do these cover?

- Present to the group the activities you think it matches and then post your app picture on the Web 2.0 Blooms chart
Trading Card Discussion Minute to win it Game #3
-Wordle word find *What is Wordle?
*What are some different ways we can use Wordle?
*Create a Wordle in a different way and present it to the group
*What level of Blooms did these different wordles fall under?
Presented by: Sallee Clark What is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 is... What 2.0 Technology have you used in your classroom? Create our own Web 2.0 Pyramid
Practice with Google
-In what ways have you used Google? Today we are going to discuss how to use Web 2.0 tools on different levels of the Blooms Taxonomy chart. Web 2.0 Tool #3 - Comic Life Create a graphic novel together

http://www.comiclife.com/education Examples:



Create an Animoto retelling the Three Little Pigs from the Wolf''s Point of View. Web 2.0 Tool #4 Web 2.0 Tool #2 - Wordle -What Bloom's levels did we cover?
-What other activities could we do with this technology?
-Place app picture on Bloom's Chart Minute to Win it #3
Paper Dragon
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