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The Aztec's military tactics

No description

Trueman Spencer

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of The Aztec's military tactics

The Aztec The Warriors... What made the Aztec
Army Superior... Why were the Aztec's military tactics superior to their neighbors? When a boy was born his umbilical cord was cut off and dried and then buried on a battle field signifying that his life would be dedicated to warfare. Every able bodied boy was trained to fight. A vital part of everyday life for the Aztecs was warfare. All able body men were trained to be warriors. In readiness for adult life boys learned about fighting and weapons at school. To fight in battle was considered a duty and an honor. Warriors helped teach in the calmecacs. The warriors took the students to the wars and taught him how to take a prisoner captive. The Aztec's courage and strength helped them build their empire and establish themselves as the fiercest of all the tribes in the Valley of Mexico. They easily defeated attacks from neighboring tribes. Declarations of war were greeted with joy; it was seen by Aztec warriors as a time to show their skills in battle. Arranged marriages allowed them to ally with other tribes and have a larger, more powerful army The Aztec's Military Tactics Made by:Trueman. M. Spencer Thank You For watching
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