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A Hard Life

No description

M2K Kids

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of A Hard Life

A Hard Life
By: Karmen Wanchisn

It is very hard for African Elephants to find food. They travel for miles looking. The elephants use their tusks to dig for food, water, and strip tree bark. African Elephants are herbivores. That means they don't eat meat. The animals eat roots, grasses, fruit, and bark.
The elephants live in very hot temperatures. To help the animals keep cool they use their ears to cover their face. Another thing they do to keep cool is they use their trunks to spray water on themselves. That is their climate.
When an African Elephant is born they are 200 pounds ( 91 kilograms). The African Elephant is also really tall when it is born, They are 3 feet tall (1 yard)! They are pregnant for a long time. African Elephants are pregnant for a total of 22 months!
Endangered Species
African elephants are in a very vulnerable state. These elephants are killed for their tusks. It is illegal to kill them. Even though it is illegal to kill them, it has not been completely eliminated. African Elephants have to travel for miles to find food.
African Elephants live in woodlands. They also live in grasslands. They are also found in tropical/subtropical moist broadleaf forests. These animals live in Congo Basin. That is in Coastal East Africa.
Height, Weight, and Length
An African Elephant can live to be 8.2-13 feet tall! They also weigh a lot! They weigh 6 tons! They are long in length. The elephants are 19-24 feet long.
Life Span
The African Elephants live long in the wild. They live at an estimated time of 70 years! African Elephants are very large. They are the largest walking animal on Earth! The African Elephants are very large!!
African Elephants use their trunks for many things. They use their trunks for communication. Also, they use their trunks for handling objects. African Elephants use their trunks to spray water on themselves. Since their climate is hot, after they spray water on themselves, they cover themselves in a thick coat of dirt. They do this to keep cool.
African Elephants ears are really cool. They use their ears to radiate heat. They also use their ears to keep cool. Like their trunk, to keep cool, they use their ears because it is so hot. The elephants can use all the help they can get.
For my resources I used worldwildlife.org and nationalgeographic.com.
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