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STEVE JOBS by:Sowad,alim

No description

sowad alim

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of STEVE JOBS by:Sowad,alim


In 2003 Steve jobs figured out he had a neuroendocrine tumor, which is a kind of pancreatic cancer.Instead of immediately going for surgery,Steve jobs went on a pesco-vegetarian diet.For nine months, Steve postponed surgery. But in 2004, Steve jobs had a successful surgery to remove the pancreatic tumor.
Early life
-born in San francisco in Feb 24 ,1955
- adopted by a lebanese and german couple
-mother's name was schibel and fathers name abdul fattah
- was a competitive swimmer,but had no interest's in school team sports
- from a young age had a interest in gadgets
- spent most of his time working in a work shop
- when he first saw a computer he knew that he was interested in the computer tech.

school and COLLEGE
In 1976 when Steve was 21 years old, He and Wozniak started to work on apple computer,The duo started in the Steve's family garage,By Steve selling his bus and Wozniak selling his scientific calculator.Steve was in charge of the marketing.Apple marketed the computers for $666.66 each.The apple computer first went public on Dec.12,1980.
Steve jobs was born on Feb.24,1955 and died Oct.5,2011. Steve jobs is the co - founder of apple and he has 4 kids,Steve was married to Lauren Powell before he died. Steve jobs founded apple in the year 1976, April,1.Steve jobs net worth was 10.2 billion dollars before he died.
At school Steve played pranks on his friends and on the teacher because of how bored he was and at the fourth grade his teacher had to bribe him by giving him 5$ bills from her own pocket,But then he became so obsessed with working he skipped grade 5.After high school Steve moved on to the reed college. There he met his work partner Wozniak.
Other company's Steve Founded
Steve Paul jobs has not only founded apple,In 1985 Steve founded a company called neXT which later became Pixar animation studios.Steve put 50 million dollars of his own money into that company.The pixar animation studios went on to make popular movies like toy story,finding Nemo and the incredibles.Pixar’s movie’s collected 4 billion dollars.Later on Pixar merged with Disney and Steve jobs became Disney’s most biggest shareholder.
The iPhone started in 2003.But before Steve made it,He went to all the phone carriers and talked to them separately In 2005.Steve Knew that there iPhone was going to be one of the most important Creations for apple.
Personal life
,Steve jobs stayed as a private man who barely gave info. about his family.Steve jobs fathered a daughter with his girlfriend chrisann brenann when he was 23.Steve jobs did not get in touch or talk with her until she was at the age of seven.But when she was a teenager she came to live with her father.In the 1990's Steve jobs met laurene powell Stanford buisness scool.Where Laurene powell was a MBA student.They married on March,18 1991 and lived together in Palo Alto, California, with their three children Erin sienna jobs,Eve jobs and reed jobs.
On october 5,2011,Apple announced that Their co - founder Steve jobs passed away.After fighting with pancreatic cancer for almost a decade.Steve jobs died in Palo Atlo.He was 56 years old.
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