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One-Point Perspective

No description

kyndall rainey

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of One-Point Perspective

One-Point Perspective
One-Point Perspective
This is a presentation over One-Point Perspective using the Surrealist work of Dali, real life examples, and student examples.
One-Point Perspective
One-point perspective was created to aid artists in creating three-dimensional scenes. All that is needed in one-point perspective is a horizon line and a vanishing point.
This video will show you how to make the lines on your paper.
Pass Standard for 9-12th
(Standard 1:3 ) Identify and apply the elements of art: line, color, form, shape, texture, value (light and dark), and space in works of art. Discriminate between types of shape (geometric and organic), colors (primary, secondary, complementary, intermediates, neutrals, tints, tones, shades, and values), lines (characteristics, quality), textures (tactile and visual), and space (background, middleground, foreground, placement, one-, two-, and three-point perspective, overlap, negative, positive, size, color) in personal artwork, and the art work of others.
Given a Prezi presentation, students will identify the technique of perspective by viewing instructional slides and creating their own Surrealist perspective painting with 80% accuracy.
A vanishing point is the point at which all parallel lines converge.

The trees, the road, and the land all go towards a single point, the vanishing point.
What is a vanishing Point?
What is a Horizon Line?
This graph shows us that we can not only draw outdoor scenes with one-point perspective, but we can also create indoor scenes.
One-Point Perspective in Surrealism
Student Example
In "real life the horizon line is where the land or sea meets the sky
You may not always see the horizon line, but you still need to draw it out to create a painting or drawing in perspective.
Surrealism was known for it's artworks and writings. Their aim was to change the way people thought of dreams and reality.

The Surrealist painting styles of artist's such as Salvador Dali, were often illogical, unnerving and fantastical.

The vanishing point can move along the horizon line if you desire to change the direction of what your drawing.
First Days of Spring 1929
By Salvador Dali
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