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My first prezi

Evan Rohlfs

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Divergent

design by Evan Rohlfs for Prezi
Divergent is about future Chicago.There had been a horrible war 100 years before. The new founders of the city formed 5 factions to keep peace. They are, The Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, Amity,and the Candor.If you fail to get into a faction you will become Factionless, and be poor and homeless.
The factions
As I said, there is five factions.The Dauntless are the brave,they are the police of the city.The Erudite are the brains. They are scientists, doctors, and teachers. The Amity are the peaceful. They are the farmers.The Abnegation are the selfless. They are the leaders.The Candor are the truthful.They are judges, and lawyers.And The Factionless are those who failed to get into a faction.They have all the bad jobs.They do not get money,they get paid in food and clothing.Some of these jobs include construction, buss driving, and janitors .
The Choosing Day
Tris's Choice.
I will be my undoing If I become my obsession;
The Choosing Day is when you choose your faction. This is how you will live the rest of your live.Most people choose the faction they came from.Though, some people want to leave their faction.They will see there family a few weeks after they join the faction, if there family shows up.After this they will not see their family again if they switch factions. There is a saying (Faction before blood).
Tris is the main character in this book.She is in abnegation.It is the day before choosing day. Her and her family wake up and eat breakfast. She will take a test today to find out what faction she should be.When they get there she is taken to a room.There is a woman in there that injects something into her neck. This is a simulation serum. She wakes in the same room. She gets up and sees a knife, and a wedge of cheese. She needs to choose. Though she takes nothing.A rabid dog appears ,she gets nervous. A few moments later she sees a little girl. The wild dog runs after her. Tris jumps onto the dog and realizes she is on a bus. There is a man that was reading a newspaper. He asked her if she knew the man in the newspaper. Tris had seen the man.She lied to him, and he started to get mad, she woke up from the simulation and the woman told her to leave right now. She told that she was different, her test results were inconclusive, she was in a very dangerous situation, she was Divergent!
When Tris got home she was confused.It was getting late she decided to go to bed. When she awoke in the morning she was very scared about this day, what faction should she choose. After breakfast they left. The choosing area was a big room.It had a bunch of chairs. They all sat down and waited. They called up Caleb, her brother.Tris new he would stay at abnagation. The way you would choose was by cutting you hand with a knife and put your blood into a bowl, symbolizing the factions. Caleb leaned over and cut is hand, and put his blood into........... Erudite. Then, they called Tris over and she picked up the knife and went to the abnegation bowl, though before her blood dripped she moved over to................
<--- Caleb
You suck!
Easter egg
Easter Egg
She Dates
''s Mom Dies
Four is Divergent, so is Tris's Mom, and Uriah
The Divergent are needed outside the city!
Caleb Prior is a Traitor
And if Matt was factionless he would want to be a buss janitor.(This is also a job you could get as factionless)
I will become my undoing if I become my obsession;
And needed outside the wall!
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