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Lois Prest

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Samsung

Company Overview
Samsung Electronics are a world wide company and have been founded since1969 and became a major manufacture in Korean. they offer a variety of electrical equipment including mobile phones, home appliances, televisions and gadgets

Currently employe over 425 thousand people throughout the world.. Since Samsung`s establishment Samsung has became a national company representing Korea as a result of implementing its " Spirit of priority of Human Resources through which it has placed great value in its employees and raised Human Resources necessary for Human Resource`s nation and the community.

The company's structure is laid out like this


Led by the HR Development Center, diverse programs are offered through training department according to business division and work function.

This is Samsung Education Data in Korea in 2010.

Does it match the Culture of HR
Culture is the work environment that you supply for employees. Employees are motivated and most satisfied when their needs and values are consistent with those manifested in your workplace culture. Samsung maximize work efficiency by allowing employees to
choose when to work by offering flexible working hours, they offer SMART rewards for outstanding employee achievement. they have facility of Idea open space which gives employees a chance to give the company there ideas and thoughts. We believe this does match with the style because Samsung with high potentials as the birthplace of cultivating Samsung people, they have played an important role of maintaining, succeeding and developing the culture of Samsung. Samsung is continuously strengthening the global competency of core personnel by focusing on foreign language proficiency and ability to acclimatize to foreign cultures.

they have internal job posting - placing people in the right job
Recruit global talent
promote diversity
enhance employee value
creative value


Detailed case example of the impact of Samsung's HR policy and how it has contributed to the competitiveness of the business
Relationship of HR with rest of the business functions
Samsung Electronics strives to recruit the brightest talent from around the world and provide them with the resources they need to succeed, this commitment to and focus on our people has been part of the company’s core values since the very beginning, and has been at the heart of every decision they make. Samsung Electronics company policy guarantees the rights of all workers and prohibits discrimination based on gender, education, race, and age. The company fully abides by all laws and regulations relating to these matters. Samsung Electronics requires that its employees strictly follow its Code of Conduct and has a zero tolerance policy for non-compliance.

They have two recruitment openings every year for new employees these take place March and September. Samsung's company policy has a lengthy in depth recruitment an selection process. In order it goes,
online application form which can be located on the Samsung career website
you then go through to document screening,
you then will be required to complete a Samsung aptitude test,
invited for an interview,
along with a physical examination
then the final selection will take place.

Samsung's Human Resource Strategy is "recruit the highest quality personnel from around the world regardless of nationality". by using this strategy and by going through the recruitment process this gives Samsung the competitive advantage because Samsung's management of philosophy and traditions have became the key driving force of materializing the continuous growth and making it one of the most biggest companies in the world.
Relationship of HR with rest of the business functions "Samsung

Vertical Integration"

is it partnership, authoritarian

NOTE ******partnerships are designed to provide all customer with efficiency productivity and stability with the aim in being a total solution provider
This module challenges a view that this fragmented approach to HR is effective and presents a business case for an Integrated Business Approach where the enabler is the HR Strategy which is a vehicle that drives Business and achieves its success
Training and Development
"Performance at Samsung is measured by qualitative not quantitative"
International Journal of Human Resource Management, Apr2012, Vol. 23 Issue 7, p1436-1461, 26p, 2 Diagrams, 4 Charts, 1 Graph
Diagram; found on p1448

Samsung`s Human Resource Policy`s states there HR function is to enable it`s organization to achieve its objectives by talking initiatives and providing guidance and support on all matters relating to its employees Samsung develop a lot of courses for its staff to learn and give the employees the opportunity to learn e.g the design center staff could go abroad to learn or have the chance to work with famous talent

Samsung believe employees will stay with the firm as long as the employees feel there contribution is valued and they are able to do meaningful work in a stimulating and changing environment.

We as a group found it really hard to find if Samsung's Human Resource department had any other relationship with other departments, so after a lot of reading and research we suggest the Human resource department is integrated within the organization as there have 3 specific Haman Resource development centers which are all used for different reasons these are

Changjo Kwan - This is the global hub of upholding and disseminating Samsung`s management philosophy and core values
Hoam Kwan - is Samsung`s leadership and development center where " its people come first"
SGMI - is a dedicated center for strengthening global competencies for foreign language skills

Samsung's Human Resource Department centers established at different times HoAm-Kwan in 1982 and ChangJo-Kwan in 1982 implement "Samsung with High Potentials" as a birthplace of cultivating Samsung people, they have played an important role of maintaining, succeeding and developing the culture of Samsung.

There are several training programs for different levels and categories of employees in Samsung.
Such as:

New Employee Training
Regional Specialist
Samsung MBA
Global Business Program
World Bank Staff Exchange Program
Samsung Global Expert Program in Language

Samsung not only provides academic training, but also spreads their culture and values.

Samsung HR Development Center

Development center devotes itself to carrying the management philosophy into practice and creates a global vision to its employees, which makes Samsung stand strong in the competitive smartphone market.

Applied Professional Practice UGB250
Lois, Rebecca, Kirsty, Nancy and Calvin
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