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Falls Prevention Awareness Week

No description

Myles Nelligan

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Falls Prevention Awareness Week

Implications & EBP
Falls Profoundly Affect the Elderly
Literature Review
The Role of the Nurse
Assessment & documentation of the Intrinsic risk factors for falls (age, co-morbidities, medication, etc)
Continually assess & document the patient's environment for extrinsic risk factors (wet floors, lighting, rugs, etc)
Educate the patient & family/caregivers about fall prevention strategies so they are prepared for discharge
Monday, September 22, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The cost of 1 fall = $19,400
= 1 semester at DUSON
= A new Jeep

Breaking News:
Effects on Community Health
Falls Prevention Awareness Week
1 of 3
2.3 million
Falls death rate 40% higher for men
Leading cause of death from injury
whites 2.4x likely to fall
Most occur in long-term care
Well-researched interventions to prevent falls include medication review, fall alarms, and environmental aids. Nurses play a vital role in developing plans for fall prevention (Graham, 2012).
falls, accidental [MeSH]
elderly [MeSH]
evidence-based practice [MeSH]
Systematic Reviews
Full Text
5 years (2009-2014)

46 articles

nursing interventions [search term]
falls [search term]
elderly [search term]
Research Article
English Language
Peer Reviewed

11 articles

Injury following a fall is associated with a decreased quality of life and poor functional outcomes
Nearly half of community-dwelling elderly adults experience a fear of falling; this significantly impacts the ability to be independent
70% of those that have fallen acknowledge experiencing a fear of falling
Half of those that have a fear eliminate social and physical activities due to that fear
11% of older adults (over the age of 65) will experience a fall resulting in a moderate to severe injury
Healthy People 2020:
A focus on
Surgeon General Recommendations:
Healthcare Systems- Falls risk assessments, links to resources, PMH
Community- Build public awareness and educate through programs
Individuals- Engage in physical activity

Community Partners and Resources
National Council of Aging
Organizations with Holistic Falls Programs
Falls Prevention Awareness Day! Occurs on September 23, 2014, the first day of Fall
Tai Chi: slow movements proven to build strength and balance
Otago: Stepping On, "A matter of Balance"
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC Compendium of Effective Falls Interventions
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)
Durham Center for Senior Life
Services include:
Adult education
Exercise classes
Health Promotion
Caregiver support
Senior PharmAssist
Promotes healthier living
Helps obtain and manage medications
Provides health education

Falls Prevention Week (Sept 23-29) - Intended to increase awareness of the seriousness of falls and ways to reduce risks
Falls are costly
Cost of one fall is $19,000
2.3 million falls resulted in 21,000 deaths
Total healthcare cost is 30 billion
Social implications
Injury following a fall results in decreased quality of life and poor functional outcomes.
Fear of falling impacts the ability to be independent due to a reduction of social and physical activities
Core strengthening
Medication management
Vitamin D supplements
Non-skid footwear
Adequate lighting
Lavender olfactory stimulation
Role of the nurse
Assessment/documentation of intrinsic risk factors for falls
Assessment/documentation of extrinsic risk factors for falls
Patient/family/caregiver education
"The Four P's"
Effects on community heath
314 million people in the world, 44 million over 65, 15 million will fall, 5 million hospitalized due to their fall
Healthy People 2020: Preventative techniques
Community partners and resources
A Helping Hand NC, Council for Senior Citizens & Senior PharmAssist are local organizations aimed towards supporting senior citizens
Seniors should seek out group exercise options at senior centers to increase/maintain independent functioning thus decreasing falls
Hourly Rounding
Decrease falls by increasing patient rounding
Reserving the call light for emergencies
Patient falls were reduced significantly during the one-hour experimental rounding

rather than
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