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La Grande Odalisque Analysis INGRES

No description

Nicky Lewis

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of La Grande Odalisque Analysis INGRES

La Grande Odalisque - Ingres
The work is housed in the Louvre, Paris. The painting was commissioned by Napoleon's sister, Queen Caroline Murat of Naples, and finished in 1814. Ingres drew upon works such as Dresden Venus by Giorgione, and Titian's Venus of Urbino as inspiration for his reclining nude figure, though the actual pose of a reclining figure looking back over her shoulder is directly drawn from the 1809 Portrait of Madame Récamier by Jacques-Louis David.
Titan, venus of Urbino
Dresden Venus - Giorgione
Meanings: (Pick out objects that symbolize important information in the painting)
About the work:
The work has a central focus and the compositional line is a curve running horizontally through the rectangle. Ms L
Most of the media is positioned on the bottom half. Tahlia

Ingres has created an aloof eroticism, accentuated by its exotic context. The peacock fan, the turban, the large pearls and the hookah (a pipe used to smoke opium) all refer us to the french conception of the orient. (the objects are relative to the positioning of the odalisque)
Colours are mostly muted and subtle, with a rich use of gold and blue to signify wealth and exoticism. Claudia
The colour is smooth and has a soft looking texture to make it feel romantic and sensual with the deep royal blues of the curtain and the mustard coloured blanket. Jessica
Brushstrokes are invisible and smooth - consistent with neoclassical paintings. Claudia
Light is directed at the main subject, in an even spread. The background is in blackness. creating the effect that the woman is lighted by candle as it is warm and soft. Claudia
This work was painted to signify Ingres' break from Neoclassicism, indicating a shift toward exotic Romanticism. Tahlia

La Grande Odalisque was appropriated by the feminist art group Guerrilla Girls for their first color poster and most iconic image. Tahlia
The painting definitely embraces a sense of affluence with the woman wearing nothing but jewelry and turban, whilst being surrounded by luxurious looking blue and gold fabrics, colours tending to be expensive in those days. Charlotte
The work is very much built around and focused on the woman as the frame is very long like her body which almost is touching all four edges of the canvas. Charlotte
line work is minimal, drapes are the only direct object in the direction of the woman visible. -r

Three dimensional realistic through tonal shading of skin and body. -r
light is minimal, and only represented in one area of the painting. It is staged along with the composition, with the only light source coming from in front of the subject, behind where our p.o.v is. -r
Measurements taken on the proportions of real women showed that Ingres's figure was drawn with a curvature of the spine and rotation of the pelvis impossible to replicate. It also showed the left arm of the odalisque is shorter than the right. - Cicely
Along the right side of the composition we see a hookah, a kind of pipe that was used for smoking tobacco, hashish and opium. -Cicely
Composition / technique
The composition depicts an odalisque he back is very eds are extra vertebrae and twisted in an odd position. the leg is also in a impossible position the leg isn't quite seem to connect to her hip where it's supposed to be but it is all to create a languid and sensuality over the figure of the odalisque which couldn't’ be made with a anatomical painting. Jessica
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