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LinkedIn & You

No description

Tyler Allen

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of LinkedIn & You

LinkedIn is a professional networking site. And as a company you can: Share company news in order to solidify your brand as a reliable resource.

B2B Marketing with other companies who are on LinkedIn

Lead Generation & Follow Up

Post job openings So, how can my department benefit from LinkedIn? Exploring LinkedIn What is LinkedIn? What is LinkedIn? ...In other words it's a website where you can share your professional information--both as an employee, but also as an entire company, too. Connect with former and current co-workers, as well as business associates

Share with friends/connections what you're working on as well as any interesting articles/content relating to your fields of interest. (Work, hobbies, etc..)

Follow popular companies and business figures to see updates that may be useful to your company, too. As an employee you can: & More! Human Resources How My Department Can Benefit: Recruitment: The search functions on LinkedIn are phenomenal. You can search for potential employees via past relevant employers, shared connections and much more.

Build Morale: Having your co-workers as connections and sharing interesting articles and making outside connections can certainly instill camaraderie amongst our team. Marketing How My Department Can Benefit: By setting up a LinkedIn account for Piccadilly, and promoting it's services (Food & Emergency)-- LinkedIn becomes a great marketing tool for our brand.

When we push out content about what we do, it positions us as an expert in our fields and a reliable resource to potential customers and clients.

A solid LinkedIn strategy would also involve producing great content that could be shared not only on LinkedIn but our Facebook & Twitter as well. Piccadilly Emergency Service & Piccadilly Food Service How My Department Can Benefit: Leads, leads and more leads: PES & PFS are both obviously based upon getting new business--so LinkedIn is a natural fit for lead generation because LinkedIn is a website where businesses can discuss what they are all about.

This is a great place to not only find leads, but to also promote ourselves to leads, interact with them and form connections. Prime example on the next slide! Piccadilly Emergency Service & Piccadilly Food Service: Example I took the IDCE lead list that we received from the conference in New Orleans. I searched for the companies on LinkedIn... And... The vast majority have LinkedIn accounts: Not pictured: The other 112 companies. Piccadilly Emergnency Service & Piccadilly Food Service So, now we know our PES & PFS will certainly have a captive audience on LinkedIn!

All we have to do now is polish up our LinkedIn page, connect with these potential accounts and show them that we are the folks for the job! We will do this by pushing out new info, updates and events via our company page. Misconceptions About Linkedin Myth: LinkedIn is only a place for job seekers.

Truth: While LinkedIn is a terrific resource for job seekers, it's actually intended for people already in the professional world who want to network with similar individuals and share their work with a captive audience. Misconceptions About Linkedin Myth: LinkedIn is only a place for individuals to post their personal resume information, which isn't very beneficial to businesses as a whole.

Truth: While LinkedIn is certainly a place to post your personal achievements (which also make your company look good!), people aren't the only LinkedIn users. Companies profiles make up a large part of LinkedIn, too.

Companies large and small have LinkedIn pages (similar to a Facebook brand page). Companies use their page to promote themselves to LinkedIn users, share articles and for B2B marketing. And last but not least: How LinkedIn Can Benefit YOU personally Show Off! You know you like to. Everyone does. Proud of a project? Write about it on your personal page. Piccadilly just made a new partnership? Post about it.

Reconnect! Connect with former colleagues to see what they are up to! Just like you connect with old classmates via Facebook, why not keep up with old work friends on LinkedIn?

Educate! Follow companies you like, read articles, share articles. Times are always a changin', so it's nice to never stop learnin'.

Join! We have a very talented staff with an extremely varied background. By joining LinkedIn and letting people know you're a part of our team--others will see just how great the people at Piccadilly are. Oh..and hey. Why aren't you connected to us yet? Twitter: @EatPiccadilly Facebook: Facebook.com/PiccadillyMeals LinkedIn: PiccadillyRestaurants Want to learn more?

Just shoot me an email or come chat. Tallen@piccadilly.com
Ext: 8365
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