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Earth Hour 2014

No description

Leah Brooks

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Earth Hour 2014

Earth Hour Australia 2014
Aasha Purling, Leah Brooks, Samantha McLaughlin
Executive Summary
Research and Situational Analysis
Campaign Goal
Campaign Objectives
Campaign Strategies
Campaign Tactics
Controlled Tactics
Uncontrolled Tactics
1) Organisation's Website
Online registration, emailed event pack
Documentary screening and countdown

2) Advertising
Web banners: Static and Interactive
Posters and billboards
Direct mail: Brochures in letterboxes
Television commercial
Stalls in shopping centers
Promotional material: stickers, t-shirts

3) Report
Online report
An evaluative YouTube video

4) Events
Training sessions
Earth Hour (29 March 2014): Between 8:30 and 9:30, events organised by WWF-Australia
2 Primary Events: At Parliament House and Manly Council Chambers Forecourt
Earth Hour Television Event

4) Research
Previous Media Coverage
Ambassadors and Spokespeople
Climate Change and Trends
Target Audience Trends
1) Celebrity and Community Ambassadors
Who align with the 'Brand Fit'
Celebrities: including Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx from
The Amazing Spider-man 2
Community ambassadors
Ambassador interviews


Media Relations
Media kits: Including a media release
Media conferences
Print/broadcast interviews for WWF-Australia spokespeople
Media database
Sponsorships: Bendigo Bank
Social media: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Pinterest, Google +, Instagram (# challenge) http://www.earthhour.org/are-you-superhero-the-planet
1) Put climate change on the Australian Political Agenda and influence the Government to implement policies for further preservation of the Great Barrier Reef

2) Make climate change apart of Australians' top three priorities by 2016

3) Maximise the reach and frequency of the Earth Hour message through stimulating conversations about climate change and the Reef

4) Encourage individuals to adopt action-based solutions to reduce their consumer power and output of carbon emissions, starting on the 29th of March 2014 at 8:30pm

Engage the Australian Government, corporate and community leaders to gain credible support of Earth Hour and community engagement

Establish positive relationships with media gatekeepers of channels such as social media, radio, print and television for extended reach and message potency

Expand corporate connections from past Earth Hours and provide incentives and tools for businesses to become involved in Earth Hour, such as for the benefit of customers and employees

Develop evaluation tools and execute actions for monitoring of both controllable and uncontrollable media outlets, to ensure opportunities and threats are met

Produce and promote a list of community events to be held during Earth Hour, and develop relationships with key organisers to leverage opportunities

Leverage the profiles of established ambassadors and spokespeople by using media channels specific to the target audience
Create movement among individuals, community, businesses and the government to take active measures to combat climate change and save the great barrier reef
Focus: Build Relationships and develop two-way communication between Earth Hour and its Publics

3) Events
Organised by individuals, councils, corporations and communities for Earth Hour
Calendar of community events
Tools provided for event organisers
Federal and State Governments and councils (politicians)
Individual Australians and Families
Community Groups
Australian and Reef Tourism
National Media
Organisation's Partners and Sponsors: Including Bendigo Bank and Sony Pictures International
PR Consultants: Access PR
Ambassadors and Spokespeople
Earth Hour and WWF Australia Employees and Volunteers
Established Reputation from 2007
Patriotic Concern for the Great Barrier Reef
Global brand
Established corporate connections
Ethical concern for the environment
Research of past Earth Hours
Political Opposition
Lack of care for the environment after the event (1 hour only?)
Safety and crime threats during the hour
Celebrity and community concern for the Reef and the Environment (ambassadors and volunteers)
Social Media Reach
Legal support (in favor of laws and regulations for the Reef)
Sponsorship and Partnerships (for economic stability)
Community donations and events
Media Criticism
Negative ambassador actions
Event issues/crisis'
Internal conflict and miscommunication
Lack of event participation
$65, 873
crowdfunded budget +
465 hours pro bono
labour from Red Agency

- Consulting investment provided pro bono through weekly planning meetings

crowdfunded budget
from Bendigo Bank
$56.9 million
donated global advertising value across the globe
free of charge
ambassador appearances and endorsements
- Budget now prioritises campaign advertising strategies (banner ads, posters, billboards, direct mail, television commercials, radio etc.)
- Documentary production
- Earth Hour TV event production costs
- Crowdfunded through
Earth Hour Blue
, an all encompassing, global crowdfunding initiative started by Earth Hour
- Brings together a worldwide community for an hour without power. The project is run as a branch of WWF and gave life to a vision to save our Great Barrier Reef and spark dialogue about the climate change movement.

- Encompassed 4 months of campaigning through media channels, including radio, banner advertising, posters and television segments encouraging households to switch off and tune in.

- Financially supported through crowdfunding, $56 million worth of donated media buying and generous contributions from their ambassadors and sponsors.

- Mainly aimed to engage the Australian government and media gatekeepers to the importance of Australia’s most important biodynamic ecosystem and third largest tourism revenue source.

- Pervasive media campaigns and strategic advertising, the not-for-profit project has tripled in size and budget each year from its inception in 2007.

- Began as a local campaign in the outskirts of Sydney now engages 163 countries turning off the lights on their most prominent landmarks, brings the backing of prolific celebrities and engages more than in the global movement against climate change.
reduction in energy consumption
7 million

Australians registered
images with the #iheartthereef hashtag for the Instagram competition
major financial sponsors
media articles
community events
Earth hour does not purport to be an energy reducing exercise, it is a symbolic movement to bring climate change onto the map.

So we made some educated guesses....
The movement has now spread to 163 countries who now turn off the lights of their major landmarks, including Syndey Harbour, in support of the project.

A candlelit display was also spelled out on Parliament House to bring political attention to the cause.

Recent abolition of the carbon tax shows climate change is becoming a part of the political agenda, but not making a positive change. That is up to us.

Community support is obvious, we just need to make more noise.
Earth Hour (2014). Crowdsourcing FAQs. Retrieved from http://www.earthhour.org/crowdsourcing- faqs!

Earth Hour (2014). Earth Hour Around the World: Timeline. Retrieved from http:// www.earthhour.org/sites/default/files/Timeline_Projects_World_28-03-2014_6pm.pdf !

Earth Hour (2014). Earth Hour Blue. Retrieved from http://www.earthhour.org/earth-hour-blue-faqs

Earth Hour (2014). 2014 Outcomes. Retrieved from http://www.earthhour.org/2014-outcomes

Ward, S., & Hoegh-Guldberg, O. (2014, March). Lights out for the Reef: Prepared for Earth Hour 2014. Retrieved from http://earthhour.org.au/ LIGHTS_OUT_FOR_THE_REEF_Earth_Hour_2014.pdf !

WWF-Australia (Poster). (2014, March 28). EarthHour 2014 Documentary [Video File]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAz-uiIipUs#t=840 !
Earth Hour
began in Sydney in 2007, as a lights off event. Since then, the campaign has run every year, expanding to 162 countries
Earth Hour Blue: Global crowdfunding and crowdsourcing

Specific PR campaigns for individual countries and their environmental issues


WWF-Australia: World's Largest Independent Conservation Organisation

Lights out for the Reef: Aim to conserve the Great Barrier Reef due to damage from climate change (fossil fuels)

PR Consultants: Access PR

CEO, co-founder and spokesperson: Andy Ridley
Full transcript