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The Destructors by Graham Greene

No description

Megan Grzesiuk

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of The Destructors by Graham Greene

London 9 years after the conclusion of WWII
T's father is an architect, yet T wants to tear down this 200 year old, magnificent home
Fact that T. says they aren't thieves: ironic coming from someone who is about to burn money and tear down a house.
"Destruction after all is a form of creation"
Give Mr. Thomas a blanket and food while locked in the loo, but are destroying his house.
A youth lacking hope and innocence. There is no one to guide the boys in "The Destructors". The emptiness and destruction of the world around them has been replicated in their own frames of reference.
The loss of innocence. The boys of the gang are essentially desensitized by the war. Can be seen in T's statement: "All this hate and love, it's soft, it's hooey. There's only things, Blackie."
The gangs meeting place in a bombed out parking lot-a place of destruction, how the gang relates to the world
T. burning the money-showing his detachment from society and emotional disengagement
Mr. Thomas's house a symbol for the past and what England used to be.
The tearing down of the house is a symbol for the taking over of a new generation.
The Destructors
by Graham Greene

The Question is...
why is this important/how does it effect the characters?
The adaptation to life post-war can be seen through the character's actions, words, and thoughts.
Growing up in post-WWII London, the boys of the Wormsley Common Gang know nothing but destruction.
Great Character Example: Mike
only 9 years old and part of the gang
has grown up only seeing the aftermath of the war
a foreshadow of the corruption of the future generation
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