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"Green" Boat

I.R. Presentation By: Daniel Mathews

Daniel Mathews

on 8 January 2010

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Transcript of "Green" Boat

"Green" Boat By: Daniel Mathews What is the purpose of this project? My Adviser What is Indepent Research? Introduction Good Day, My is Daniel Mathews and thank you for your time This is a project for the class independent Research. It is a class where you select a research topic, invesitgate it, and create a reserach paper and product. Assignments You must do:
Annotated bibliographies
Reflection sheets
a Knowledge based paper
Research plan
Research paper
Product or case analysis of why you can not make that product
Much more All in the course of one school year, both in school and if you choose out of it. Research The main areas of my research consists of three fields of study: renewable energy, nautical vessels and energy management. Nautical Vessels the condensed major findings 1.Renewable energy as a replacement for diesel is still unviable.
2.The effectiveness of renewable energy generation is improving, but their effectiveness is dependent on the variable conditions of its environment
3. Renewable energy has already been integrated into vessels to a certain degree.
4. Hull shape has a very large impact on the efficiency of a boat.
5. There are numerous auxiliary systems in which renewable energy generattion can be used to power.
6. Renewable energy on a boat allows for an infinite though not as efficient energy source. Energy Density Fuel Energy density Graph for fuels Battery Energy Density Though the scales are different, liquid fuel is has a much greater energy density than our current level of electrical storage. Renewable Energy Boat design can also reduce drg which will decrease the amount of energy required overall on the vessel. Possible applicaitons of this project END Intern Mentor
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