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French Revolution

The French Revolution for Grade 6 (Primary Education)

Aida Fernandez Patallo

on 3 June 2016

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Transcript of French Revolution

Other Revolutions
Stage 1:
The General Meeting
Stage 2: The Great Fear
The French Revolution
The French Revolution had three stages:

States General Meeting
The Great Fear
The Reign of Terror
Absolute Monarchy
The North American Revolution
The different way of Government in England
The French Revolution
The King called the representatives of the three states to solve the problems
They didn't agree so the third state created the National Assembly declaring themselves independent in the Tennis Court Oath
Because the King didn't want to give up his power the people stormed the Bastille, the Royal Prison, in 1789
They also went to Versailles, attacked the Palace and captured the Royal Family
The people were hungry and turned to the nobility so they started to leave France
Meanwhile the National Assembly is trying to create a limited monarchy government and wrote the Declaration of Rights of men and citizens
The King and his wife wrote to other Kings of Europe asking for help, the other Kings were afraid of the French Revolution
In 1791 the King and his family tried to scape but they were captured
Absolute Monarchy was abolished and a new Constitution with rights for everyone was written
Declaration of Rights of Men: Liberty, Equality and Fraternity; helped spread the ideas across the world
A new leader: Napoleon Bonaparte
18th Century
Social and economical differences
The King had all the power
Between 1787 and 1789 the bad weather spoiled the crops
There were three states
The first two states had a lot of privileges
The third state payed the majority of taxes
Also known as the Age of Reason
They believed in science and the scientific method
They were sceptic towards the doctrines of the church
They wrote the Encyclopedia
Stage 3: Reign of Terror
In 1792 France was declared a Republic
The King had a trial and was declared guilty of treason. He was beheaded in 1793
The Committee of Public Safety was created
People who didn't think as Robespierre, the new leader of the Committee of Public Safety, were accused and beheaded with the guillotine
Robespierre was beheaded after failing in bringing peace to France, something everyone wanted
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