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Green Chemistry Project

What could replace your everyday window washer?

Justin Peacock

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Green Chemistry Project

Windex Swish! Price: $2.50 Why? Price per liter: $0.50 (bottle costs more)
Selling Swish for: $2.50
What's it normally used for?
vinegar: used for cooking
water: for drinking, cleaning, etc.
liquid soap: used for washing hands
Chemicals: 473 ml water, 59 ml vinegar, 1 ml soap
How it works:
The acid in vinegar eats through a greasy film that accumulates on windows. The water washes away the vinegar, and the soap prevents streaks from appearing on the windows.
Why is this greener?
The chemicals are more eco-friendly, compared to those in Windex. Also, if Swish is inhaled, no serious damage can occur to the respiratory system.
But why is this not used worldwide?
Some people say that this alternate window washer can leave streaks on the windows. Also, vinegar smells bad.
Any dangers?
The chemicals have no effect on the environment. Although, if you CHUG Swish, due to soap, you might have diarrhea, or vomiting. Windex Isn't the best window washer Green Chemistry Justin Peacock
period 4 Price: $3.00
Volume: 961 ml
What is it used for: Window Cleaning
What are the main chemicals in Windex:
Water: H O
Isopropyl Alcohol: C H O
2-Hexoxyethanol: C H O
Ammonium Hydroxide: NH OH
Who manufactures it: S.C. Johnson
How long has the company been in business:
Since 1933
Ammonia in Windex is very caustic, and can cause respiratory problems, including having trouble swallowing, breathing in deeply, and pain when swallowing. 2 3 8 8 18 2 4 Swish Water: H O
Vinegar, which is mostly acetic acid
acetic acid: C H O
Liquid soap, made of mostly:
water: H O
sodium laureth sulfate:
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