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The Blobfish

No description

Kamau Simba

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of The Blobfish

By Kamau Simba The Blob Fish The blob fish, found off the coast of Australia and Tasmania, are extremely rare to come by. They are mostly encountered by deep sea-trawling fishermen. This is because they live about 800m below the water's surface. At 800m deep, the pressure is eighty times more than at sea level therefore, the pressure is bone-crushing. The only reason why these fish can survive so far below sea level, is because they are made up of a gelatinous matter. Because it is all gel, the blob fish has a density less than water and that lets it float on water. The blob fish has absolutely no muscles. You're probably thinking how the blob fish can move or even eat... Well the blob fish doesn't really move. Because of its gelatinous body, it allows it to just float above the ocean floor and it just stays there. The blob fish just eats the sea urchins or mollusks that just happen to float by causing it to have an in-balanced diet but that works perfectly fine for it ,as only one sea urchin or mollusk will satisfy it for a very long while. The natural history of the blob fish, and how they have evolved over time is unknown. The blob fish was first discovered in 1978 so nobody can really tell what has happened differently. The blob fish is nearing extinction due to the vast amounts of deep sea trawling. They are accidentally being picked up by the big fishing nets and then left on the boat to shrivel up and die. If the blob fish is taken out of water, it only has a short time before it dries out and dies. This is a picture of a dying blob fish out of water I believe that as fishermen continue to deep sea trawl to fish for exotic fish, the blob fish will become extinct. I think this because there are too many fishermen that deep sea trawl and end up picking up these blob fish and leaving them to die. It is even the fact that these fish are practically immobile because of their complete lack of muscle so they cannot even escape from this enormous net coming towards them. This is deep sea trawling This is what all the fish look like on the boat
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