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The disadvantages of monarchy,oligarchy,tyranny,anddemocracy

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Emma Hodges

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of The disadvantages of monarchy,oligarchy,tyranny,anddemocracy

*There were two kings that headed the concil of elders.
Photos of Monarchy
Pictures of Oligarchy
The disadvantages of monarchy,oligarchy,tyranny,anddemocracy by emma hodges
*It takes a lot of work,time,and effort.
* Decisions are made in a small group so everyone might not get what they what.
*The wealthy have complete control.
* Eventually a revolution from the citizens.
* In monarchy a single person will rule the entire country as long as he or she lives.Therefore, the masses do not have the power t remove him or her from leadership even is he is not functioning according to the will of the masses
*A tyrant necessarily must be concerned with the maintenance of his power over the needs of the state.
*A tyranny is difficult to defend on ethical ground.
*While a tyranny can be good with respect to the fact that they generally must initially be supported by the people,once a tyrant is in power,he,or his sciorn,need no nessicarily appease the people.

*Tyranny needs to be understood in its historical context.
*A tyranny us by definition dependent on the abilites of one person is enlightened is good for the state but if that person is well.... tyrannial thing can get ugly.
* A dictatorship can take the country either new heights with a tremendous progress,or,lead to utter destruction.
* The dictator need not worry so much about keeping his people happy.
*Its a form of might makes-right mob rule,where laws are in passed on the minority by the majority rule.
*If you are in the minority and no higher rules protect you you are utterly subject to majority rule.
*It allows every member of the society/group to participate in the process.
*Democracy can also lead to wasted resources and time.
*Also lots of money is being spent during the election.
* Some of them are not even acquainted with political issues.
Monarchs are not chosen and elected by people.
*Lack of Democratic Libility and Accountability.
* Much power and fame is invested in a single person.
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