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Operations Media Training - January 2013 Divisional Meetings vFINAL

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Corp Comm

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Operations Media Training - January 2013 Divisional Meetings vFINAL

MEDIA 101 YOU are in charge Operations Team Media Training Divisional Meetings 2013 — Cancun, MEX THE CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS
QUICK GUIDE 2-page reference guide available on the Ramp

Ultimate goal: react quickly and communicate in times of crisis

Highlights roles of auction site and head office in the first 2 hours YOU are in charge It is up to you what you say / don't say You control where / when to be interviewed It is okay to not answer a question "That is under investigation right now."
"Honestly, I don't have an answer for you but I can try to find out."
"We are not releasing those details right now" Key Messages Are simple to hear Will stand up to opposing messages Can be tailored to your audience Bridging back to your KEY MESSAGES ? Listen Respond Bridge Key
message "What we are focusing on now is..." "What I can tell you..." "The important thing to remember is..." EXAMPLE:
How to come up with 3 key messages (You will work with head office on key messages) Scenario: Customer robbed of his cash (in briefcase) on auction day. 1. Safety of our staff and customers is our priority 2. We are thankful no one was hurt 3. We are working with police investigators: have handed over video footage and photos When speaking with the media... DO: DON'T: Be prepared with key messages Schedule interview on your own terms Check your surroundings to see what the backdrop will be Plan key messages in advance with CorpComm Keep it simple and brief Try to bridge to your key message in your answer Correct misinformation in a question before answering Start entire point over if you stumble Ask reporter who else they are interviewing and what story is about Chew gum Look dirty / grimy Rock on your feet Talk too much Criticize the media to reporters Speak off script; even if off camera or while walking with reporter Conduct spontaneous interviews Say "no comment" Respond with negative emotions About your Corporate Communications team... Work to support media relations, investor relations, events, internal communications and crisis communications. Past work includes:
Hong Kong auction
Confederation Bridge story
Lubbock, TX auction media coverage
Jewel Golf course
Orlando media tour(s)
First auction in China announcement BREAKOUT SESSION Please get into your groups 1. Each group will get a scenario
2. Choose a spokesperson
3. Come up with 3 key messages
(Time allotted: 15 minutes) Role play exercise:
1. Put spokesperson on "hot seat"
2. Other team members become reporters (ask questions provided, plus some of your own) Today's 3 key takeaways: YOU are in charge of interview

Why and How To stick to three key messages

DOs and DON'Ts of interviewing OVERVIEW: 10 BREAK-OUT SCENARIOS 1. Earthquake on auction day ... Damage to building and people hurt.

2. Wheel loader runs over a customer ... He is alive but taken to hospital.

3. Upset customer spray paints racist remarks on side of auction building.

4. Upset employee posts info about working too much overtime on our corporate facebook page.

5. Domestic dispute at our office. Upset husband takes wife hostage.

6. Accident at our auction site...trucks collide on auction day and employees sent to hospital with whiplash.

7. Irate seller steals wheel loader and drives out of yard with it.

8. Crane Hook block falls onto customer day before auction as his colleague is testing it out.

9. Employee threatens staff member, staff member fears for life and tells the media.

10. Explosion in refurb building before auction. Two contractors missing. SOME BACKGROUND ON TODAY'S SESSION... About Me: Kim Schulz
Manager, Corporate Communications and Events Newsroom staffing and budgets are shrinking
The newsroom is now 24/7 with social media
Very deadline driven
Need other people to help tell story
Will not seek approval for story
Don't always get it all correct
Don't understand our business
Appreciate help and useful information Speak fast OPERATIONS STAFF MEDIA TRAINING Why Media Training? During the promotion of an upcoming auction, the sales team works with the media to show what we do and how we do it. In times of a crisis, operations staff represents Ritchie Bros.: policy states that the most senior operations person is to represent Ritchie Bros. in a crisis. Depending on when it happens and what happens, this person could be YOU! Today's 3 key takeaways: Definition of a crisis: a serious event on our Company property that warrants emergency response (Police, Fire Department, Ambulance). Today's 3 key takeaways: YOU are in charge of interview

Why & How To stick to three key messages

DOs and DON'Ts of interviewing
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