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April 2013, Phnom Penh

UNODC Cambodia

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of SAFROLE Project

Sassafras Rich Oil (SRO)
Located mainly in the Cardamons mountains forest
As an environmental crime
Extraction of SRO involves illegal logging as the harvesting of the Mreas Prov trees is illegal
As a drug crime

used to produce ecstasy (
Expected outcomes...
SRO extracted from the roots of the Mreas Prov trees
Mreas Pov trees is a specy protected under the 2005 Cambodian Forest Law
Disposal and destruction of materials obtained in SRO seizures release toxic substances
SRO used in licit products (i.e. fragance or pesticide)
To increase law enforcement capacity and knowledge to combat forest crimes, especially harvesting Mreas Prov tree to extract safrole oil
Effective forestry regulatory framework reviewed
and implemented

Informed and capable specialized law enforcement officials
on forestry-related crimes

Mechanisms established to promote cooperation between law enforcement and the judiciary on forestry-related crimes

Enhanced national capacities to safely dispose SROs and dismantle labs

Local communities empowered
trengthening the Response
gainst Exploitation of
esources through
June 2008:
1,278 barrels of sassafras oil destroyed
in Pursat province. The haul would have produced
an estimated
245 million Ecstasy tablets

with a street value of
$7.6 billion
June 2009:
142 barrels of sassafras oil, enough to produce
44 million tablets of Ecstasy
with a total street value of
$1.2 billion
May 2012:
second largest largest haul in the country - 4,000 litres of SRO, enough to manufacture about
30 million ecstasy pills
with a total street value of
$1.3 billion
(=10% of Cambodia’s GDP)
6 clandestine laboratories dismantled
Olivier Lermet,
Country Manager
4 substantial Mreas Prov trees are required to make one 40-gallon barrel of SRO. The roots of the tree are shredded and boiled to extract the oil which is then distilled over heat for up to 12 hours. To heat the roots to boil, large amounts of forest wood is required and increasing mountain regions are being stripped of trees.
Approximately 380 kilograms of pure safrole are required to produce 100 kilograms of MDMA
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