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The Kite Runner: fate and free will.

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Yahan Yang

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of The Kite Runner: fate and free will.

The fate
Hassan's fate is actually based on Amir. The decision that Amir makes directly affect Hassan's fate. It might seem unfair to Hassan, that's the truth. "That same day, my father put Homaira and her family on a lorry and sent them off to Hazarajat." (Hosseini 99) Rahim Khan's word give Amir the idea of sent Hassan away and that change the rest of Hassan's life.
The fate
Because of fate, Amir did the wrong thing. And there is no way going back, because no one can argue with fate. The things happened because they were meant to happen. "I hit him with another pomegranate, in the shoulder this time."(Hosseini 92) Fate had lead Amir to the wrong path and things can't compensate unless fate had give Amir a chance to make up for what he had done in the past.
Free Will
Amir wanted something he didn't have. For this, he even give up his best friend just to get there. Amir wanted to win the kite so he could get more attention from Baba. "I opened my mouth, almost said something. Almost."(Hosseini 73)
Role of Redemption
In chapter 1, Amir wanted to be good again. He want to make up for what he done to Hassan, not because of he feel bad for Hassan but for himself, he don't wanted to live in guilt anymore. The redemption play a part throughout the whole book, but personally, I think there is noway that Amir could be good again.Well, he saved Sohrab. That's good, but did he really want to save Sohrab and bring him home?
The Kite Runner: fate and free will.
Yahan Yang
"I think he loved us equally but differently."(Hosseini 322)
"I don't want to go to another orphanage,"(Hosseini 324)

"I won't ever let that happen. I promise you that."(Hosseini 324)
"Well, Mr.Faisal thinks that it would really help if we could...if we could ask you to stay in a home for kids for a while."(Hosseini 341)
A True story of redemption
"Then I took a couple of the envelopes of cash from the pile of gifts and my watch, and tiptoed out...... I lifted Hassan's mattress and planted my new watch and a handful of Afghani bills under it."(Hosseini 104)

"Ali was sterile,"
"No he wasn't. He and Sanaubar had Hassan,"
"No, they didn't,"
"Then who "
"I think you know who."
(Hosseini 222)
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