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Intro to Turnitin for LAED professional development day 17/5/2010.

Gregor Ronald

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Turnitin

How do I use it? Set up in Learn's Assignment tool Download-mark-return assignments Interpreting the results Carrot or stick?
Is Turnitin a cheat catcher - or a teaching tool? Turnitin - The Essentials Turnitin is a web based plagiarism checker.

It checks submitted essays against a large number of sources and databases
- including ones Google cannot see.

It keeps submitted student essays and checks against these for copying.
The Old Way
Log in at Turnitin.com with the UC password
Create your user account
Create a course space
Set up an assignment
Students write assignments
Collect the assignments as a zip file and upload
Wait for Originality Reports
Check for high scores Valid file types are MS Word, Acrobat PDF, Postscript, Text,
HTML, WordPerfect (WPD) and Rich Text Format.

NOT MS Works or Publisher. Turnitin produces an Originality Report Students submit their essays and see a report Students can submit a revised essay if you allowed this. They must delete the unwanted versions then click "Send for marking" to make the final submission. What is a bad rating? 10%? 80%?
No set rules, TII is not a guaranteed "lie detector" or "speed camera".
Anything over 30% should be checked.
Lecturer can hide quoted material and bibliography to refine the scoring. In the final analysis, your professional judgment is what counts. The Legal Stuff
Know the University's Assessment Policy.
Check your college/school/department policy.
Academic Integrity Guidelines:
Advise HoS (& Proctor)
Student's right to explain
Discipline Committee will become involved in serious cases.

Some Guidelines
Clear statement about Turnitin use in the course. (CIS, handbooks, Learn home page.)
Prior guidance about referencing and plagiarism.
Practice assignment, so students know about the process.
Generous cut-off dates.
Graduated response; help & guidance in first year, much firmer at year 3-4 or postgraduate.
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