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The Censors

by: Luisa Valenzuela

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of The Censors

Juan- main character, protagonist,trying to keep confidential friend Mariana letter from being exposed or read.
Mariana- Juan confidential friend in Paris, Foil character
Argentina, Latin America , a democracy country. Where the author is originally from.
Literary Devices
1.) "...his right hand was blown off by a letter.": this is a example of imagery, the story was stating how they had to check for explosives in a letter so stating "blown off by a letter" is creating a picture on what happened.
2.) "...felt he had climbed a rung in the ladder." :this is a example of figurative language, it's giving us details on how he felt by saying "climbed a rung in the ladder", but it wasn't meant to be taking literally.
3.) "...what he had taken as a stroke of luck was really one of fates "dirty tricks"." : this is an example of personification, its saying fate can play "tricks".
1: Staidness- calm; state of being settled.(Noun)
2: Irreproachable- above criticism (Adjective)
3: Ulterior- further; beyond what is openly stated or implied (Adjective)
Juan gets hired as a censor. He only went to make sure his letter gets through the test. Juan knew his letter wouldn't be mailed to Mariana, so he worked hard to get to the position where he would send his own letter. After the letter was mailed, Juan was executed the next morning.
The Censors

Luisa Valenzuela
At the end of the story, the author wrote, "Naturally, he can censored it without regret and just as naturally he couldn't stop them from executing him the next morning." Trying to get ahead can fall back on you.
Argentina, now a democracy, has had an unfortunate history of censorship & other human rights violations.
In 1970 a military regime took power, brutally hunting down suspected political foes & censoring news & mail. In "The Censors" Valenzuela explores the absurd aspects of such oppression.

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