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Your role and expectations

No description

Katherine Bush-Glenn

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Your role and expectations

What is a peer mentor?
Model Behavior:
Focus on the positive:
Peer mentors are:
Role Models
A resource
Peer mentors are not:
Social Workers
Solution to all problems
Academic Advisors
A romantic partner
"A positive mentor is one who challenges me, is objective, follows through, celebrates my successes, inspires loyalty, reassures me, is optimistic, is courageous, is perceptive, and empowers me." Anderson and Ramey (1990)
Peer Mentor Expectations
Academic Advisor:
helps with overall planning of degree and career planning.
helps with questions about major/minor.
knows and disseminates academic/campus policies and procedures.
assists with direction to appropriate campus resources.
of Peer Mentors
The role and expectations
What is your role as a peer mentor?
The purpose of mentoring is to build a relationship with your mentees and help them feel connected to campus and the department.
To be a positive role model to your mentee
The relationship to be one directional at least to start
Some change to happen
To support your mentee in reaching their goals
To experience some frustration as a mentor
Some things you shouldn't expect...
Don't expect:
to reform or save your mentees.
trust from your mentee (at least not initially).
that you and your mentees will be besties.
that your goals are the same as your mentees'.
Academic Advisor vs. Peer Mentor
Peer Mentor:
assist in the development of skills necessary to succeed in engineering @ OSU.
motivate students to achieve their academic goals.
serve as a resource to their mentees and encourages mentees to use campus resources.
encourages contact with advisors, faculty, and other staff on campus.

Stuff to consider...
How do you define mentoring?
What skills do you have that make you a good mentor?
What areas do you need to improve to be a good mentor?
What is a peer mentor?
What is your role as a peer mentor?
What are the differences between peer mentoring and academic advising?
We see a peer mentor as an experienced person who provides advice, support, and encouragement to a less experienced person, often leading and guiding by example.
Create Learning Experiences:
What you do is as important as what you say.
Keep an eye out for teachable moments.
Take advantage of resources.
Approach challenges with optimism.
Help your mentees build self-esteem and self-confidence.
Benefits of peer mentoring:

Mentors: Mentees:
Improved reasoning skills Increased academic achievement
Improved communication skills Improved social skills
Greater feeling of connection to campus Greater feeling of connection to campus
Improved conflict resolution skills Lower rate of engaging in risky behaviors
Increased cultural capital Greater rate of continuing education
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