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Fult Tilt Summer Project

No description

Noa Kroyter

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Fult Tilt Summer Project

Full Tilt
By Neal Shusterman
Project By:
Noa Kroyter

Time: Midnight to dawn.
Era: Modern day.
Place: A phantom amusment park.

The person reading feels both frightened and thrilled as the characters go through the park.

Main Character
The main character is 16-year-old Blake.
He is very hardworking and intellegent, but he lets himself get pushed around by others.
Main Character

Blake must defeat Cassandra, the owner
of the phantom park, and find his brother,
Quinn, who ventured off into the park.
Main Character
The other main character is 13-year-old Quinn,
Blake's younger brother. He is outgoing and bold but dangerously thrill-seeking.
Main Character
Quinn loves thrills and adventure, and decides to use Blake's invitation to the phantom park,
leading Blake and his friends into trouble.
Plot Overview 1
Blake meets a mysterious woman named Cassandra at a carnival, who gives him a strange invitation for something on a road that has nothing on it.
Plot Overview 2
That night, Quinn falls into a coma, and the strange invitation is missing.
Plot Overview 3
Blake and his friends must undergo the horrors of the seven rides they have to complete in order to get out alive and save Quinn as well.
Plot Overview 2 Cont'd
Blake and his friends, Maggie and Russ, know where Quinn's consciousness went, and they follow him to the phantom park.
Plot Genre
This book is a young adult adventure and supernatrual novel.
External - Man vs. Man
Blake must defeat Cassandra by going through seven rides in order to destroy the park and save himself and his friends.
External - Man vs. Man
Blake beats Cassandra which destroys the park, setting free his friends, brother, and all of the other children who were previously trapped.
Internal - Man vs. Self
Blake struggles to cope with the traumatic bus accident that happened when he was seven, as he was the only survivor.
Internal - Man vs. Self
Blake learns to use his daunting past to his advantage and pulls himself through the final
ride, which is the accident itself, to beat Cassandra.
"They were the screams of riders being torn apart by the twisted reflections of their inner selves."
The tone of the book is serious and displayed through the quote by showing the horrific effects of the phantom park on the riders.
"They say you never know who's the real hero and who's the real coward until you're looking death in the face. I've always been..."
"...afraid of plenty of things, but fear isn't what makes you a coward. It's how depraved your heart becomes when fear gets pumped through it."
This quote shows that Blake is no longer afraid of his past and the park. He is able to take control and look into the face of fear even if it means death.
Face your fears and learn to forgive yourself, because you cannot change what happened in the past.
*Prezi cannot italicize text
After defeating the park and Cassandra, Blake
forgave himself surviving the bus accident.
Personal Response
The novel made me feel scared and excited in different parts.

Personal Response Cont'd
Even though I did not make any connections, I still connect to the larger message in the book, face your fears and always trust yourself.
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