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George Washington

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GV Computer

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of George Washington

Washington In Dec14, 1799,
was one of the Founding
Fathers of the United
States. He was the
of the Continental
Army during
the American
Revolutionary War He was born in
Feb. 22, 1732 He died
Dec. 14, 1799
(Age 67) He defeated the British by
repeatedly outmaneuvering
them in the
American Revolution. He had a vision of
America being a
great nation. As president he was
succeeded by
John Adams. George Washington's
Early Life He was the first child of
Augustine Washington. He was born near
Colonial Beach. Which is in
Westmoreland, Virginia. His great-grandfather,
John Washington,
had immigrated to
Virginia in 1657. The Washingtons
were moderately prosperous with
there plantation
where they grew
tobacco. The death of
his father stopped him from going to a school in England. He inherited a
farm upon his father's death. Like his brothers
he got his education from a
variety of tutors. George was very tall for his
time, at exactly six feet. He was also in the French and
Indian War. The End
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