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The Trial for Murder

Writing 39B

alexis bartlett

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of The Trial for Murder

By: Charles Dickens The Trial
for Murder Backstory Historical &
Cultural Context "John Derrick, my trusty and attached servant for more than twenty years." Allusions Supernatural Retribution Ghost Themes Friendly Ghosts/
Harmless Ghosts Extended
Ghost Themes Charles
Dickens Stories were usually about ghosts, murder, incest, and cannibalism
Psychological aspect of the supernatural
Mixture of fantasy and realism Other stories: A Christmas Carol
Mother's Eyes in Master Humphrey's Clock Murdered man's ghost returning to ensure his killer's execution Born in England
February 7, 1812 Literary Elements: English writer and social critic written in 1865 Victorian Era DON'T LIE YOUR WAY OUT OF A SITUATION BECAUSE SOON ENOUGH,
THE TRUTH WILL BE EXPOSED Moral of the story Presence through the narrator Only the narrator can see the ghost, however, when the narrator touches someone, then the other person can see the ghost as well. "We retired to consider, at seven minutes before ten at night... and finally the Jury returned into the Court at ten minutes past twelve." *took 137 minutes to come to a verdict Age of Spiritualism Fox sisters claiming to be able to communicate with the ghost of a murdered peddler
Dickens member of the Ghost Club, founded in 1862
pseudo-scientific systems: mesmerism and phrenology narrator looks out the window one morning and sees two men, one following another
one night the second man appears through a sealed door in the narrator's house.
narrator is chosen to be the foreman of the jury at the trial
the accused is the first man he saw that morning
the murdered victims ghost appears as the thirteenth juror
the jury comes to the agreement and declares the man is guilty
the ghost disappears "We are thirt-; but no, it's not possible. No. We are twelve." Presented by:
Angela Choie &
Alexis Bartlett Bibliography Cody, David. "Dickens: A Brief Biography." Dickens: A Brief Biography. Associate Professor of English, Hartwick College, Mar. 2004. Web. 19 Feb. 2013. Dickens, Charles. The Trial for Murder. London: Charles Rivers Editors, 1865. Print.
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