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Both Parents Should Assume Equal Responsibility In Raising A

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on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Both Parents Should Assume Equal Responsibility In Raising A

Both Parents Should Assume Equal Responsibility In Raising A Child
Tab 1:Attention Grabber
Most everyone at some point dreams or have drempt about having the life of a fairytale. Starting with the special beginning with "Once upon a time" and then ending with " and they lived happily ever after" wanting s perfect family, a loving mother, and a caring father. So why not make it a reality.
Tab 3
Children detect unhappiness of parents who "stay together for the sake of the kids"
In many cases, children feel they are to blame for the resentment and dysfunction in an environment.
One parent after assumes majority of parental responsibility emotionally and physically while the other is absent.
Tab 5
Pursuing a college education degree and a good work ethic, it is possible for a single parent to provide the financial needs of their children, but makes it harder on them and potentially on their children.
Tab 6
Absent parents risk their child's life, future, health, and emotional well-being by deciding to withhold support. To ignore the proven outcome of children who suffer similar situations of absent parental support is negligent and highly influences the result of their child's adult years.
Tab 2
Children raised in a one-parent home are more likely to develop symptoms of various problems including inferiority complex and degrees of alienation with question on life's purpose,
Tab 4
It is true that children have many financial needs therefore; having two incomes from both the mother and the father is an ideal resignation.
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