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Peer Mentoring

No description

Kelly Douglass

on 10 January 2017

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Transcript of Peer Mentoring

Time Management and Peer Mentoring
Action Plan for the Day
Make a Weekly Action Plan


Remember time is a valuable, nonrenewable resource.
Avoid multi-tasking. It's really multi-switching and takes more time.
Take control of interruptions.
Shut off phone, Facebook alerts
Beat Procrastination- Think future pleasure NOT short term pain.
Set specific study times and stick to them.
Eat That Frog! Do the worst thing on your list first and celebrate your success.

General Advice for Students:
Avoid Time Wasters

Use a Planner

Record all assignments, (homework, tests, projects) and their due dates. Include key details, such as supplies needed or how to reach a group project member.
Create a Semester Plan

Meet deadlines and honor commitments. Get better grades.
Begin a cycle of success where you are in charge and motivated.
Feel less stressed-and more in control. Feel good about your accomplishments.
Have more choices about how to live your life.
Learn the strategies to achieve your goals for school, your family and friends, finances, and your life.
Take control over your life.
Time Management
Why Bother?

Establish a Relationship
Have Confidence in Your Ability to Help
Provide Encouragement / Normalcy
Give them the Tools for Success
Cheer their successes, mitigate failures
The Peer Coach

Time Management Inventory
Time Management Inventory
Prioritize and Monitor Your Actions
Semester Plan
Know Your Outcomes
Weekly Action Plan
Empower Yourself: Plan Your Actions
Daily Check In
Evaluate your progress
Realign your actions with your goals.

Strategies and Tools


"Wherever focus goes, energy flows."
What do you want? What outcomes
do you want to achieve? Why?

How can I make this happen?
Discover tools to make the change.
Develop courage to overcome fear.
Get aligned and create a belief system that works for

Three Pillars of Success

What is Time Management?

Balance Is Key

Hours in a week: 168
Sleep: 56
Usable Hrs: 112 hrs./week
1/3 Academic
1/3 Personal Commitments
(sports, job, clubs, spiritual, exercise,
grooming and laundry)
1/3 Social
(friends, family, networking, meals, free time)

37 ⅓ hrs for each third of your time.
Classes: 12-15 hrs.
37-12= 25 hrs./week to study.
25/4 (# of classes) =
6 hours of study time per week for each class.

Outcomes: Figure out what you want to achieve

Set Goals:
Long term
Short Term
Setting goals helps you resist short term pleasure in exchange for long term gain. It gives you the "why" to follow through.

Time Management

Time is really an emotion. A feeling.
A way of looking at life that provides an emotional state.

Time management involves taking control over the meaning you give to things
and what you want to achieve in your life.
Time Management therefore, is really Self Management.

Time Management

Take Charge! Eat That Frog!

Take Action: Resources vs. Resourcefulness


You too can become resourceful. Find your talents and purpose in life.
Greatness come from focus and hard work not intelligence.
Expect nothing, earn everything.
Work hard to become the person you were meant to be.
Time Management for College Success
⅓ 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3⅓
Three things that demand our focus in the absence of a plan:

We will avoid anything that we believe has the potential to give us PAIN.
We don't want to disappoint others, which is another form of pain.
Short term pleasure gives us immediate good feelings and a sense of relief.
Effective Study Strategies
Use Your Time Wisely 20 % of your actions give you 80% of the results
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