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Making a Difference: A Global Changemaker's Experience

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Colleen Caryl Torres

on 9 March 2012

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Transcript of Making a Difference: A Global Changemaker's Experience

Making A Difference
Task A Global Changemaker's Experience Purpose of this Presentation gain a background on volunteerism (its benefits)
know how to apply for international opportunities like Global Changemakers Need "There are wounds to heal in developing countries..."
- Rachel Miller
Australian Youth Ambassador 2011 in the Philippines
typhoon devastation has been so vast, rehabilitation will take a long time
volunteer activity will also have to continue volunteer A person offers to perform a service voluntarily To do charitable or helpful work without pay to volunteer Photo courtesy of Christopher Tribble April 2011 Where are all the passionate volunteers in the world? 3 Main Points: I. The Benefits of Volunteering II. Streetskills III. Keeping Up the Change delegate during the Global Youth Summit 2011 held in London
Co-Founder of Action Club
Colleen Caryl Leslie Torres Presented by: Filipino youth should be at the forefront overwhelming response to the call for aid in the aftermath of Sendong In Northern Mindanao, half of the population are below 20 years old. - 2003 Census of Population and Housing, National Statistics Office 5 Reasons Why People Don't Volunteer According to Keri Henley, writer speaker & founder of Gather Central 1. Not feeling qualified.
2. Worried you will be sucked into paying a lot of money.
3. Afraid it will take too much time.
4. Not knowing where to go, what to do.
5. Being too lazy. How can I join GCMs? In the Philippines Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ) Where does Global Changemakers (GCMs) hold office? What are the activities of this organization? Can I join even if I'm not that active? I want to know how to develop myself more in terms of volunteering. How can the program cater to this kind of interest that I have? a vibrant global community of young social entrepreneurs, activists, and volunteers
a place to share experiences, build skills, apply and test ideas and access some truly amazing opportunities numbers over 700 people from 110 countries
involves over 200,000 individuals in Global Changemakers’ activities
116 Community Action Projects in 64 countries
There are 12 Global Changemakers.
2 are from Cagayan de Oro Bern, Switzerland
supported by the British Council (HQ: London)
Philippine HQ: Ortigas taking part in regional and global youth summits
participating in GCMs projects
running a project supported by the British Council (BC)
registering in the website getting in touch w/ GCMs
exchange ideas
access online tools and videos
be the first to be informed of call for applications
get updated through blogs by GCMs running innovative projects in communities
shaping policy
speaking truth to power through access to institutions and platforms (World Economic Forum) Yes, as long as you have the passion for change.
Becoming a Changemaker is a mindset and process
participants: do the change
BC: give them tools I. The Benefits of Volunteering A. Connects you to others
B. Is good for your mind and body
C. Can advance your career A. Volunteering connects you to others "Volunteering and its Surprising Benefits." Helpguide.org 1. helps you make new friends and contacts a. strengthen existing relationships
b. support network & people w/ common interests
c. meet people in the business 2. increases your social and relationship skills While some people are outgoing, some people are naturally shy.
practice & develop your social skills 3. make an impact in a person's life B. Volunteering is good for your mind and body 1. Volunteering increases self-confidence knowing you're doing good gives a natural sense of accomplishment
gives a sense of pride and identity 2. Volunteering combats depression A key risk for depression is social isolation.
develops your support system which protects you during challenging times 3. Volunteering helps you stay physically healthy Studies have found that those who volunteer have lower mortality rate
shown to lessen symptoms of chronic pain or heart disease People with disabilities can volunteer through: sit-down tasks like writing and graphic designing
help w/ emails and websites C. Volunteering can advance your career 1. Volunteering provides career experience help you get experience from your area of interest 2. Volunteering can teach you valuable job skills teamwork
problem solving
public speaking
project management organizational skills
media Volunteering can be a relaxing, energizing escape from your day-to-day routine. II. Streetskills A. How to find the right volunteer opportunity
B. International opportunities A. How to find the right volunteer opportunity 1. The key is to find something you enjoy and are capable of doing 2. Make sure that what you want matches the organization's needs Questions to consider: Alone or part of a team?
Behind the scenes or take a more visible role?
How much time are you willing to commit?
What skills can you offer?
Want to do? Don't want to do? What causes are important to you? environment
human rights
public health
social entrepreneurship
women's rights youth work
hunger and poverty relief
LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangender, Intersex) issues 3. Where to find volunteer opportunities online
posters in your school/university
service organizations like Rotary Club
youth organiaztions and sports teams
places of worship (churches and mosques) 4. If you can't find one, become the founder of a new group or NGO. childhood dream?
Ex: The Knowledge Fund B. International Opportunities "Simple lang ang tips ko. Surf in the [Inter]net and look for their interests lalo na sa paghahanap ng international opportunities. Just be true to theirselves and dapat andoon 'yung passion sa puso na gusto nila magdala ng pagbabago sa community." - Cris Viray, 20
Filipino Global Changemaker
Founder of B.A.K.A.S.
Has participated in more than 4 international youth gatherings 1. Recognize your desire to apply.
2. Ask your friends.
3. Search extensively online.
4. See if you are eligible. 4. Persist. Sometimes, you'll feel like giving up but that is just a hurdle you'll eventually overcome. 5. Do your best in the application process. Tips 7. Be sincere. Show the real you. If you're really passionate after all, it will show. 8. Keep trying. Even if you fail, you will learn from that experience.
Don't give up! III. Keeping Up the Change www.global-changemakers.net Remember: Volunteering --- connects you to others
is good for your mind and body
can advance your career Be sincere.
Do your best.
Keep trying. "There is no one like you in the world. Find the thing that means the most to you and hold on to it and never let go." - Dan Cullum
Global Changemaker from New Zealand
Founder of I Am Challenge www.global-chanemakers.net We have a Global Action Project (GAP) called Action Club.
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