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Federated Insurance

No description

Nick Rock

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Federated Insurance

Federated Insurance
Nick Racht
Sandy Keopimpha
Shelby Murphy
Catherine Nguyen
Rachel Dryer
Established in 1904
Insurance products :
Health Insurance
Discussion Questions
Specialize Industries :
Auto Dealers/ Auto Parts Wholesalers
Building Contractors
Funeral Services
Tire Dealers
Market Plan:
Highest Quality, Best-Value Service
1. By directing attention to particular types of businesses, Federated emphasizes
macrosegmentation. To further sharpen strategy, suggest possible ways that
particular macrosegments could be broken down further into meaningful
Centers on the characteristics of the buying organization and the buying situation
Divides the market by such organizational characteristics as size, geographic

location, the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) category,

and organizational structure


- Requires a higher degree of market knowledge

- Focuses on the characteristics of decision-making units within each macrosegment

- Includes buying decision criteria, perceived importance of the purchase, and attitudes

towards vendors.
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