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Before I Fall - book report

No description

Isabelle Kwidzinski

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of Before I Fall - book report

Written by: Lauren Oliver Before I Fall Genre Setting Main Character Theme Plot Review The genre of this book would be drama and romance. it mostly revolves around Sam's relationship with her friends, boyfriend, and even trying to save the life of a girl shes never even talked to. This book was set mostly at Thomas Jefferson High School and Kent McFuller's house, around the year 2008. Most of the action takes place at Kent's party. It's very crowded with many teenagers and music so load the whole house is shaking, but outside it is pouring freezing rain, which later turns into snow. I think the author chose this setting because teenagers like to read about something they can relate to, and this party setting can probably relate to many teenagers and it helps them visualize the situation. The main character in this boook was Samantha Kingston. On page 17 of the book Sam admits, "My good traits are big green eyes, straight white teeth, high cheekbones, long legs. Here are my bad traits, a too long nose, and skin that gets blotchy when im nervous." She is known as one of the more popular girls at her school, but she isn't spoiled or full of herself. She has a fairly sweet, kind personality and doesn't only think of herself but others as well. She is very caring over her little sister, Izzy, and she cares for her family as much as she does her friends. But she always thinks of herself as a bad person because of how popular she is, and she thinks she doesnt deserve some of the things she has. The plot in this book was that Sam kept reliving the day she died over and over again several times, but she had to find a way to stop it. The goal of the main character was to save someone elses life in order to bring herself back to life. Juliet Sykes was working against Sam because Sam was trying to save her but Juliet always found a way to kill herself. The message of the book was to appreciate everything you have before it's gone. The author got this message across because in the story Sam had everything she could ever ask for, then at that one moment her whole life was taken away from her. In the book it quotes "She will discover the true value of everything she is in danger of losing".
I can connect to this because I'm one of the people that usually takes things for granted and doesn't appreciate everything I have, so at the end of the book I learned to be more thankful for everything I have because one day I might not have it. Yes, this book did hold my interest because the main character was a teenager so most of the events that were happening were very relatable. I really liked the authors writing style because it was in a teenage girls perspective and I could tell that the author really understands us and knows what shes talking about. I would most likely recommend this book to other teenage girls my age because I have a feeling they would enjoy this book just as much as I did. What if you only had one day to live?
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