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Pit Crew Workers

No description

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Pit Crew Workers

Pit Crew Workers
Dirty and Dangerous
The jobs of a pit crew worker
The Heavy lifting
Full-time or Part-time
NASCAR History
Formula One
By: Cameron Stanley and Darin Brown
Being a pit crew worker is very dangerous.
Many deaths and injures have occurred.
There are many different jobs as a pit crew worker.
Some are the lollipop man, the gas man, and the wheel man.
A wheel and a tire weigh an average of 64 pounds.

And a 12-gallon gas can can weigh almost a whole 80 pounds.
Most pit crew workers are full-time pit crew workers.

But some have other jobs as well as being a pit crew worker.
Formula cars
are a lot lighter
then normal
stock cars or
Indy cars.

Danica Patrick made history in 2003.
Sarah Fisher also made history.
The pit crew challange is held once a year.
More NASCAR History
Helio Castroneues made history in 2009.
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