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Emergent Literacy Prezi

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brandy arthur

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Emergent Literacy Prezi

Brandy Arthur Emergent Literacy Print Awareness: Vocabulary Emergent Literacy Emergent Literacy is defined as the reading and writing behaviors that precede and develop into conventional literacy,

It is a term that is used to explain a child's knowledge of reading and writing skills before they learn how to read and write words. Marie Clay coined the term in 1966. All assist our children
in becoming literate. Print Awareness


Phonemic Awareness 3 Critical Areas of Emergent Literacy: Parents, caregivers, & teachers assist children in becoming literate. knowing a book!!! distinguishing words from pictures knowing books have a front & back understanding we read from left to right and top to bottom knowing that words correspond with speech Ways to Promote
Print Awareness: *model the correct way to hold a book
*read aloud
*point to words as you read them
from left to right and moving down
the page the sum of all words known the basis for comprehension Vocabulary effects reading by: It's harder to decode words that
are not already in your oral
vocabulary. facilitates the acquisition of phonemic awareness. Knowing many words makes it easier to learn even more words. A larger vocabulary Phonological Awareness: being able to hear and manipulate smaller sounds in words. One of the strongest predictors of reading
ability. Storybook reading also promotes phonemic awareness by singling out a specific phoneme in a lesson. Ways to Promote Emergent Literacy Adult/Child Shared Storybook Reading dialogic, or interactive reading
asking open-ended questions
use praise
repeat & expand
be aware of child's interests Promote Literacy Enriched Play provide literacy props:
phone books
adult mediation
wall signs
appointment books
post office play
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