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veronica redekofski

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Volunteering

Is the capital of Uruguay with a population of 1,319,108.
Montevideo is situated in the coast of the country and on the northeastern of the
Río de la Plata.
Montevideo was founded by Bruno Mauricio de Zabala in 1724.

Name: Ana Solis
City,country: Paris,France
Home: House in the beach
Likes: Modeling

Present Situation
A group of volunteers from different parts of the world will be visiting Montevideo to work for MaDeBa, a charity which organises voluntary projects for teenagers.
The Gonzalez Family
Maria and Bruno Gonzalez live in Montevideo, a small city in the south of Uruguay. They have got two children, a daughter called Melanie, and a son called Marcos.
Maria and Bruno work for MadeBa, a charity which organises voluntary projects for teenagers from all over the world. Maria and Bruno are the wardens of a student hostel and, in the summer holidays, MadeBa volunteers come to stay in the hostel and work on projects to help people in the community.
Gonzalo Paredes is a project leader.

Montevideo is a small and beautiful place to live, people are friendly and hard working.
There are at least two explanations for the name of Montevideo: the first one says that the name came from the Portuguese expression “Monte vide eu”, that means “I saw the mount”, phrase said by an anonymous sailor who took part in the excursion of Fernando de Magallanes when he saw the hill.
The second version says that the Spaniards wrote the geographical situation on a map “Monte VI de Este a Oeste”.
Tourism in Montevideo is centered in the Ciudad Vieja area, which includes the city's oldest buildings, several museums, art galleries, and nightclubs.
Name: Roberto Rodriguez
City,country: Madrid, Spain
Home: Apartament in the city center
Likes: Football

Name: Franco Pittamiglio
City, country: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Home: Small house in the suburbs
Likes: Dancing

Name: Carolina Dos Santos
City, country: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Home: Apartment near the sea
Likes: Tennis

Name: Adriana Rivero
City, country: Distrito Federal, Mexico
Home: House near the main square
Likes: Promouter
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