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Oedipus the King

Theme: Importance/Value of Family

Nicole Rubin

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of Oedipus the King

Family creates a sense of identity for each individual. Importance and Value of Family How Does the Theme
Affect the Tragedy?
The theme discusses the importance and value of family as a whole. In other words, as a tragedy, Oedipus uses the search for the importance of family as a search for his idenity. The different motifs of identity and family coincide in the play.

Throughout the entire tragedy, Oedipus experiences different interrelationships, in that his wife is his mother and his children are his siblings. The tragedy manifests Oedipus' journey to find his own truth of family.

Overall, the theme affects the tragedy, as it serves as the basis for Oedipus' struggles. Oedipus struggles over his fate vs. freewill, sight vs. blindness, and etc. all due to his needs for the importance and value of family, as it was lacking during Oedipus' early years of development. Family Tree Found on page 103 Quotes from
Oedipus the KIng "Tell me Oedipus, who are your parents?/Do you know?/You don't even know/the shame and grief you have brought to your family...But the curse of your mother, the curse of your father/will whip you, whip you again and again, wherever you turn/it will whip you out of Thebes forever" (Sophocles 564-571).

-Teiresias, the speaker of the quote, foreshadows what will happen in tragedy, where he shows that Oedipus truly has no knowledge of the true importance and value of family because of his lack of knowledge to find out who his parents truly are. When analzying this lack of knowledge, Oedipus manifests his need for a sense of identity. "One night, I was at a banquet, and a man...said I wasn't my father's son, called me "bastard."That stung me, I was shocked" (Sophocles 1016-1018).

-The quote shows that Oedipus does have a want to find his own importance and value of family. Oedipus' wrath towards the drunken man calling him a "bastard" manifests his sensitive side in that Oedipus needs to find the truth about his family, which leads him to find the truth about himself. "Do I hear my two daughters crying?...What I love more than my life-/my daughters?" (Sophocles 1910-1914).

-When Oedipus leaves to Corinth, his main concerns are his daughters, as he takes his daughters into his arms and before his needs, he puts his family before him, manifesting that when he finally finds the truth, he comes to a realization that although his search for identity is important, his daughters and sons have truly been there for him, whereas, his parents abandoned him. Oedipus finds the true meaning of family through his daughters. "Then I never would have murdered my father,/ never heard men call me my mother's husband./ No/I am/Oedipus!/ Oedipus, who lay in that loathsome bed, made love there in that bed,/his father's and mother's bed, the bed/where he was born" (Sophocles 1766- 1774).

-The quote demonstrates Oedipus' realization about family. In this excerpt, he realizes the truth about his oracle in that he has made it come true. He realizes that he paid the price for his parents's sins of not killing him. Universality "The Blind Side"

The movie discusses a young adult who was abandoned by his family, like Oedipus, and lacks the opportunities to succeed. Leigh Anne takes the opportunity to educated him and take him in her life, as it is in her nature. She treats him as part of the family, where he realizes that although he was abandoned as a child, the importance and value of family, and even friends, can still be found. "Hannah Montana: The Movie"

The movie evolves around the idea that "Hannah" has become to enthralled in her fame and forgets about her true family and origins, but she realizes that family is so evident in her life that she is willing to make her double life known to her hometown. Oedipus' Application
to the Theme How does the Theme Develop Throughout the Tragedy? Moral or Ethical Issues Thematic Importance
to the Tragedy The theme of the importance and value of family gives the tragedy a sense of 'not knowing,' which coincides any predestined ideas. Jocasta, who begins to realize the truth earlier than Oedipus finds out that her son has been re-cultured as her husband.

The theme further develops when Oedipus finds the truth; however, he comes to an acceptance with it. Universality Oedipus leaves Corinth, in hopes that he does not kill his father and marry his mother. He ensures his ‘family’s’ safety and well-being over his. MOreover, his decisions to do the right thing for his family show that he has found the value of family in Polybus and Merope.

Towards the end of the play, Oedipus is exiled from Thebes where he wants to make sure that his daughters will be taken care of. He does not think about his life, but rather the importance and value that his true family has brought him.

In addition, his mothers' and fathers' actons and decision apply to the theme. When looking at families with disconnections to their children, an individual may question how the importance and value of family is influential and important. Although Oedipus does not catch on to the fact that Polybus and Merope are not his true family, he feels this disconnection that can be seen in real life.

Although not mentioned to a great extent, Oedipus finds that after all his searches for truth and identity, his daughters claim the importance and value in his lfie. After his struggles, he chooses his daughters rather than himself, manifesting his true change and recognition of his excessive pride. The importance and value of family is vital to the search of Oedipus’ identity. The tragedy evolves around Oedipus trying to find his true family, which ultimately leads to his search to his idenitity, as well. In other words, Oedipus thrives on the search for the truth about his family.

The theme serves as a foundation for Oedipus the King in that the family leads to Oedipus killing his father and marrying his mother

The family, specifically his parents, set off the whole motion for the tragedy. They went to the oracle to prevent patricide and incest.
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